Friday, July 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes


So the internet is back working. Took weeks to figure out. As it turns out I am a techno idiot, and didn't know when you have DSL you had to have filters on the cordless phones. I purchased a new phone for my room (to keep me from having to dash down to the other side of the house to answer the phone), and didn't connect a filter when I plugged it in. I didn't make the connection that our internet started acting up the same time I got the phone, but many phone calls and a visit from the company got it all sorted out.

Without the internet, we got more done, for certain, but I felt a little helpless. I didn't realize how much I have come to depend on the internet for recipes, looking up phone numbers, directions and other practical things. However, not having to have the kids on the computer and negotiate whose turn it is or listen to the music that they are streaming all the time was a phenomenal relief.

By the way, the program we use to limit the kids time on the computer is "Times up Kidz". They hate it, but it works for us.


So, as I mentioned, school is approaching and I am doing my yearly freak out. My husband reminded me that I only have to make a reasonable decision, put an honest amount of effort into it (regarding curriculum, scheduling etc.) and then really let God assist in the process. He reminded me that it really isn't all up to ME, that God is going to help, and fill in gaps, and take care of them. So now I need to repeat this to myself over and over, and quit thinking that there is some perfect choice for my children, the Holy Grail of Education, so to speak, if I could only find it. I am not Indiana Jones.


I also need to keep reminding myself that the reason we made these choices for our children so far was not to *A* Give them every opportunity for worldly success *B* Get them into Harvard *C* Make sure they have fun or *D* Give them a great social life.

No, we are home educating them to put a filter between them and a toxic culture. I have really toyed with putting some in school this year, because I have so many students now. But I would still be homeschooling some, and dealing with a school for others. It would be like the worst of both worlds. No, I am either going to do all one or all the other. It seems to me the work of getting them all enrolled, and learning an entirely new way of ordering our educational life would be just as much work for me. Admittedly, I could share some of the responsibility for their education with others, but ultimately it is I who am responsible for them.

SO, I feel fairly certain all will be the same around here, just more of it.


My eldest, however, is another story. He won't be returning to the boarding school, barring a complete change of heart and financial status. So his choices are the local Catholic High School, the Local Public High School, or the local Community College, filling in with a few home school classes and a Speech and Debate Club. This decision may be up to my husband, as I change my mind every day. I'll keep anyone who is interested posted =)


We have 2 boy cousins and a girl cousin staying with us for a few days. The boys run around with my 2 boys and a neighbor boy, a veritable gang of boys, carrying sticks and guns and swords, running, whooping, climbing and hiding. The girl cousin and my girls are making a home and school inside, and trying coerce the boys to civilize themselves. This morning, as I was nursing the baby, I heard my seven year old chewing out his 9 year old sister, "While us boys are sleeping, you don't sneak in and clean up our base! That could get you beat up!" She apologized, and said she just wanted to make it nice for them. He said it was nice JUST THE WAY IT WAS! End of story.


My birthday is coming up in a week or so, and I am dying for a haircut and a pedicure. I think I can swing it, since I haven't had a pedicure for a few years, and haven't had a haircut since a month before the baby was born. Happy birthday to me!


I haven't been taking very good care of myself lately. I haven't gotten enough sleep, no exercise, not enough water, I have been eating on the fly, unintentionally, and even the nightly face wash, teeth brushing has suffered. So I am going to make an effort in the last month of summer to get into a good routine of self care, so that I can do whatever this school year asks of me with out dissolving into a puddle of anxiety and exhaustion.

As usual, more 7 Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Blogger Jennifer in TX said...

Ah, Renee...your number 2 could have been written by me..:)
Prayers for you--it sounds like you have a good plan of action!!

July 24, 2009  
Blogger Mimi said...

prayers for your oldest and his schooling decision, and big hugs.

And number 6 is awesome, and of course related to number 7. You have to care for yourself too.

July 24, 2009  
Blogger Mother Mayhem said...


July 25, 2009  
Blogger Suzanne said...

Since I do not get to homeschool anymore, I am trying to make a habit of praying for particular homeschool mommies and you will be one for sure!
I know it is tough at times and I am here to chat with you if you ever need to just get something off your chest beside praying to the Lord..which of course, is the best..just so you know, though...and go take care of yourself for your, toes..whatever..and
almost HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :)
Love, Suzanne

July 26, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with your schooling decisions. I'll keep you in my prayers. Take really good care of yourself, and Happy Birthday, a little early! Miss ya!


July 27, 2009  
Blogger Hope said...

Happy pre-birthday to you!
Lots of decisions to be made.
I wish I had been open to choices when I homeschooled my kids. I was so wound up in it as an identity and being right...sigh.

July 28, 2009  

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