Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

planning ahead pays off for a change. Here is my latest:

This urn and pedestal used to be up every summer, and was a focal point of my garden. I would take it down in the winter so it wouldn't fall apart. I tried to take exquisite care of it. But then a neighbor kid stepped on the pedestal and broke it. For three years it languished in the garage, waiting to get repaired. Right before Theo was born, I got the epoxy out and used it. Pedestal fixed. But, I didn't even do potted flowers this year, so it was empty in the garage all summer. But finally, after having TWO babies, I got it placed and filled, and I think it is lovely!


One of his first smiles for me. He smiles at everyone else, but for me, he wants to eat. Just this last week he has been smiling and laughing, but there isn't a camera in sight. But today, I caught one!!

I still think it is funny I have book end boys, eighteen years apart. And a very ironic part, is Theo loves his oldest brother the best. His face lights up, he smiles and gets so excited when the oldest is in the room. And of all my boys, these two resemble each other the most. I get de ja vu frequently, when Theo reminds me so much of a baby I was caring for so long ago.


And here it is, our annual "Picture Tree" photo. And this year with a new addition. There was some fighting about who would hold Theo, but the biggest boy won.

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