Saturday, September 23, 2006


My new menu blog. I didn't get more that one week done by today, but it's a start. My new blog is called Mom, I'm Hungry. Go on over to check it out, and see what you think. I will post the next week's menu as I create it. I may get more fancy and show what can be made ahead when, but the point wasn't to make MORE work for myself, so we'll see how excited I get about this.

As Eastern Catholics, we follow a Wednesday, Friday fast, with no meat or dairy. However, out family does a modified fast on Wednesday's outside of a Liturgical fast (for example the Dormition fast, Great Lent, Philip's fast, the Apostle's fast, and so on). We will eat some dairy. I hope to change this at some point and follow Wednesday's more strictly, but we are working into this, and at the advice of our spiritual director, we are doing as much as we can faithfully. Also, I haven't learned how to cook essencially vegan yet, but I am working on it.

So, there you go. I'll let you know when I update it. Blessings...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicely done... What is cherry cider? *Hmm*

September 24, 2006  
Blogger Renee said...

Cherry cider is to cherry juice what apple cider is to apple juice. It is one of my kid's favorite drinks, and I find it at Trader Joe's. We get it only rarely.

September 25, 2006  

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