Saturday, August 11, 2007

Getting to know you...

I got QUIZZED by Mimi and I thought I would post the questions and answers over here. To carry on with the spirit of the idea, if anyone wants to be quizzed, just say so in the com box, and I'll give you five questions, custom designed just for you.

And don't forget to give a guess in the quiz in the post below. There are prizes involved.

1) Have you always been artistic, or did writing icons pull out a side you didn't know you had?

I always wished I was artistic, but was never pleased with my efforts. Iconography was the first time my results matched my desires.

2) You've mentioned that your parents are traditional minded Catholics, what do they think of the recent Latin Mass statement from Pope Benedict?

They are very pleased, as am I. You cannot expect to stand when the traditions of your church are pushed aside. They feel that now some more foundation can be put back under the church and things should be able to get more stable. Plus, the Traditional Latin mass is beautiful, and it is part of our heritage, and people should not be robbed of their heritage.

3) Do you speak Romanian? How much is used in your Liturgy?

I do not speak Romanian, as I am not a Romanian by ethnicity. Not many of the Romanians speak Romanian any more, for that matter. We use the language in our Liturgy from time to time, and in Communion Hymns, and in a few other prayers (the Paos, or memorial service is partly in Romanian). We are learning Romanian Christmas carols, and so are our children, because we don't want them to disappear. Sadly, many of the children of the founding members of the church do not attend here, and us Western "converts" are picking up the torch.

and, my two stock questions :)

4) Who is your favorite Beatle, and why?

Paul McCartney, because he loved his wife so much (Linda. Heather I am ignoring).

5) What is your favorite song by a band/artist you usually dislike?

Have I Told You Lately, by Rob Stewart. It is the only song I can tolerate by him, and I have to admit it is a good one.


Blogger Mimi said...

I love your answers, especially to #1, what a blessing that iconography drew that side out that was wanting to be freed!

I agree with you in regards to the traditional Catholic Liturgy, it is beautiful and very much the herititage of the Western church! I'm glad that you and your parents are pleased.

And, I also agree about Linda and Paul, he loved her so much, and that was a beautiful thing. I think the Heather thing happened because he was trying to make an infatuation fit with that same mold.

August 11, 2007  
Blogger Henny Penny said...

Did someone say Rod Stewart? :o)

The First Cut is the Deepest is at the top of my all time favorites list.

Loved finding out more about you!

August 12, 2007  
Anonymous ukok said...

Heather Mills McCartney....oh smug we Brits were,saying 'it won't last' when shortly after Linda's death, he married the ex-model.

And were we right or were we right?

August 13, 2007  

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