Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Got some exercise today, by golly!

Since I have made a determination to discipline my evil tongue, I approached the day with a plan. Identify key times of the day I tend to be less careful of myself, and plan on being busy alone at that time. I live on a beautiful 1 /2 mile circle street, and it takes me about 10 minutes to walk around once.

The first difficult time is while the math tutor is here, as she brings her 3 year old, and I just don't do well with children I can not tell what to do. So, I got baby to bed, big 3 kids doing school work, and little 3 kids building a city out of blocks and trains in the the newly remodeled basement. Once the math began with the older 3, I excused myself and went for a 2 mile walk. Lovely. I handled the rest of the a.m. without even having to bite my tongue. After lunch is another difficult time as little ones are tired, but today the older 3 have art class at 2:30, so I have to put off naps til we get home. Baby is awake, crawling around, putting everything in her mouth (where does it come from? I just vacuumed yesterday!!) I am trying to find a reproduceable ancient near-east map for 11 yo ds, and baby is just squirming like crazy on my lap (the only safe place at the time.) I set up a play pen for her, at least it's safe, but the screaming disrupts the entire educational process. SO, I put aside the map quest, and decided to vacuum the house so I could let her go. I put on the Baby Bjorn, insert baby, and vacuum away. I have to do squats when I pick anything up off the ground so as not to dump baby out of said Baby Bjorn. I am guessing I did about 50 squats, with a 20 lb baby strapped to me. I moved furniture, and got under any area she could possibly find something to stuff in her mouth.

Then off to art, off to choir, pick up kids from art, pick up kids from choir, home, dh off to church, and another wicked time approaches. After dinner pickup with tired children resisting bed time. So, I gave everyone a few orders, they got busy, and I grabbed the 4 overflowing baskets of clean folded laundry. I dashed from room to room, putting the clothes away and tidying up the bedrooms in the process. Said prayers, hugs, kisses, water, potty, and no more excuses. In bed with them all, and I did with only having to say "It doesn't matter, I'm sorry" TWICE!! I probably missed a few without noticing, but this could solve many dilemas. Ususally I have the kids vacuum, put away clean clothes, etc. Lately I have been doing more of this myself, and it sort of feels good to be more physically active. I also get more time alone, since kiddos tend to avoid me when they sense chores on the adgenda. Anyway, thanks for the prayers. I feel I had a successful day.


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