Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Slacker finally follows through!

I finally got the pictures up at St. Paraskeva's place. Go see, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I have been too busy to write a coherant review of "The Feast of Friendship", but I will eventually.

One of the activities that have kept me away from the blog is this:


No, we didn't go to the moon, or back in time, just a fun museum.

Also, I have started walking again, and taking nice lone (I meant long, but lone works) baths at night, and reading books, and re-organizing my books, and cleaning out closets.

It's been good. I have been enjoying my family, my children, and even the cursed snow. Although any time the weather wants to get a little warmer, and the breeze can carry a little whiff of spring, would be alright with me.

This up and coming week will be full, as well. Lots to do at church, including the Canon St. Andrew, in a week. I can't believe Lent is going by so quickly.

I am sick of tomato based soups and stews, so for the remainder of Lent I'll have to find a different direction for fast friendly food. Maybe move more to the Middle East.

Also, Lisa? Breadcrumbs?