Monday, February 11, 2008

Week Two, so far

So, week 2 of Lent. I have wavered some in my morning prayers. I remember around noon. I am so NOT a morning person. I have this vague suspicion that my life would be so much better, so much more put together, if I could just get up early and be able to function. On the days I absolutely force myself to get up early, I then crumple around 2:30 pm, just when my day is in full swing, and and that is no good. SO, I just say my prayers at noon, assuming God is outside of time and will accept them when I say them.

This weekend was exceptionally busy, and I wasn't home to say evening prayers with the kids. I must get back to that, but they have some prayers to say on their own (the older kids), and the little ones all get at least a blessing from me. Not enough, but it is something.

Today I made baba ganoush. It is made with roasted eggplant, garlic, lemon juice and tahini. Like hummus, only with eggplant. We had it for dinner with pita bread, tomato wedges, sliced cucumber, and orange wedges. Surprisingly filling, and the kids all liked it, even the 3 year old. After I roasted the eggplant, I peeled it and cut it into cubes, and sauteed it in olive oil, with garlic and lemon juice. I pureed it in the blender, then mixed tahini with lemon juice and water, and added that mixture to the eggplant. Salt and pepper to taste. I have never had baba ganoush before, so I don't know if I made it right or not, but I got to use my cool new pan, it tasted good, and it got us through another Lenten dinner, so I am satisfied.

I miss comments. I miss them so much. Hi guys! I don't know if the no comment thing is going to last, but since I want them back on so badly right now, I am leaving them off. But Hi! I give myself a little time in the a.m. to check my e-mail and a few blogs, then at night, after the kids are in bed and the work is done. I am cheating a bit now, because I have a *load of laundry to fold and sort, but if I truly waited to finish all the work here, I would never get to do anything else.

We are having a good Lent so far. I have felt some imbalances already straighten out, I have seen some real problems around here with better clarity, and I have made more time for those I care about in my life. I even did my exercises today, with 10# weights, and plan to go for a walk as soon as the weather gets above 20 degrees.

So, take care every one. I do check my e-mail, which is in the "about me section" of the sidebar (hint hint). I will update St. Paraskeva after this weeks class, as more people will be on to robe work at that time. One participant will be doing gold leaf soon, so that will be interesting.

Great moments this weekend: Saturday, Liturgy for my Godchildren, breakfast out (whoot-whoot), and processing around the church with the icons on Sunday. Every last one of the icons (that were removable) came down off the walls, and into the hands of the parishioners. I wish so badly I had brought my camera, for the sight when I came up the middle aisle, holding my 3 year old who was holding an icon of an Old Testament prophet (I forget which one *blush*). I saw a large, happy crowd, up at the front of the church by the icon screen, all holding icons. The joy was palpable, as if we were bringing out treasured artifacts of family members, and by doing so, being in their presence. Lovely. Incense, chanting of the cantors (one of which is my husband), flickering candles, and being surround by a "cloud of witnesses", not only in symbol, but in fact. What a day!

Next year, I am bringing my camera!

photo taken in my mom's house late last year. One of my favorites