Thursday, December 16, 2004

Entropy Happens

By the time I get up in the morning, there is already a mess in the kitchen. In the living room, and in the den. Some of the kids have been up for an hour, and tried to get breakfast. There are two poopy diapers to change, sugar on the floor, milk on the chairs, in all the nooks and crannies. My almost finished Christmas decorating is scattered, and the Christmas tree is blinking, which isn't the way I left it. I just can not stand days that start this way. And it is this way most days. I have tried getting up earlier, but even then, once everyone is up, the sh*t hits the fan, and the place degenerates into chaos, and I don't get enough sleep. Only if I supervise every living breathing thing every moment of the day to things run smoothly. And I am too out-numbered to do that. I have to be more satisfied with poorly cleaned up milk, sugar still on the floor (even though it was swept twice). The thing with the sugar is I put it up, out of reach. There is the guilty chair in front of the cabinet, but Nobody did it. Then just a little thing, like a picture hanger, with its nail, was on the counter. 6 year old was fiddling with it. "Leave it alone, please." Down it does. I come back 10 minutes later, (after changing a poop expolsion, changing the clothes and the sheets in the babies room, and feeding her), the nail is missing. Nobody moved it. So now I have a worthless picture hanger, and a renegade nail floating around a house with two children (a two year old and a 7 mo old) that would put it in their mouths. All halt to find the nail. Now what was I doing? Can't remember. BUT, the washing machine is broken, and I have poopy clothes to wash, 3 people complaining they can't find socks (I DID wash them and ask them to put them away. Some how they mysteriously disappeared), and the 8 year old's only good pants pretreating from supposedly washable markers. I AM LOSING MY SENSE OF HUMOR, if indeed, I ever really even had one.

I just got a Christmas photo with a family of 5, all dressed in Khaki and white, perfectly groomed, posed, the perfect smiles on their faces. Is that what I want? Don't think so, because my initial reaction was "Yeah right, that's real." My Christmas photo has my seven up in a tree, in clothes that do not coordinate in any way. They are cute, and look sincerely happy. That shoud be enough. All I really need is a nanny or a maid, just another adult. Oh yeah, there is another adult in this family, but none of the things I need help with are in his job description. Know any nannies?


Blogger Philothea Rose said...

LOL. Great post. It reminds me a little bit of my house.

December 17, 2004  
Blogger Armywife said...

Are you living my life???? I looooove your blog!!!! I am so happy to know there are others out there living the same life as me. I soooo get the sugar in every nook and cranny....


January 22, 2005  

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