Friday, February 11, 2005

Wisdom of the Fathers

"What has happened to Adam? I left you in one condition whereas now I find you in another; I left you clad in glory, whereas now I find you in nakedness. "Where are you?" How did this happen to you? Who has brought you to this changed condition? What kind of robber and brigand has robbed you like this in an instant of all the substance of your wealth and cast you into such indigence? Who is resposible for depriving you of that wonderful garment you had the good fortune to wear? What is this sudden transformation? What tempest has all at once in this way sunk all your precious cargo? What has happened to make you try to hide yourself from the one who has been so kind to you and placed you in a position of such importance? Who is it you are now endeavoring to avoid through fear? Whence comes the knowledge of your nakedness? Tell me: What is new and surprising? Who could ever have told you of this, unless you have become the guilty casue of your own shame, unless you have eaten from that one tree I told you not to eat from?" --- St. John Chrysostom


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