Saturday, December 08, 2007

Kids will make dolls out of anything.

Lisa, I will do a lengthy post about St. Nicholas later this weekend.

But first I have to get this down before I forget.

One of the gifts the kiddos received for St. Nicholas day was a pack of balloons.
Once all the big ones were blown up, played with and popped, only small balloons were left. So the little 3 kids had me blow them up and tie them, then drew faces on them, and are now proceeding to play house with 5 or six little balloons. The fatter balloons are the mom and dad, and then there are 4 "children". They are discussing work, getting jobs, making money, buying food and what sort of clothes balloon people wear. The "mom" is disciplining a "sister" for hitting her other "sister". She is being very fair and very gentle. And the "mom" keeps saying, "O, I am so busy right now. Please, honey, get along." And on they go with nary a raised voice. Boy to my kids have some GOOD imaginations =).

I never. never. imagined that this is what they would do with the balloons. It is wonderful to be surprised by happy children this late in my mothering career.

I wonder what they will do if one of the "family" pops?

UPDATE: I was just informed that the balloon family met a tragic, violent end when a pen monster attacked them while they were at the grocery store. RIP.
(This is what happens when the 5 year old brother plays with the little girls.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Egads! Will there be a memorial service? ;o)

December 09, 2007  

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