Monday, January 07, 2008


I am busy preparing for another icon workshop. This one is for adults, and will begin this Thursday, and will be once a week on Thursday evenings for 10 weeks.

Of course, I have 30 gazillion things to get prepared, because I am physically incapable of planning ahead.

School begins today, as well, and Christmas decor comes down, and the basement is flooding (big melt here, lots of runoff). Deep. Breathes. Think happy thoughts. It's all good.

I will be firing up St. Paraskeva Icon Studio again, and will get the blog activated as soon as I have pictures. This class will not be as intense, and I am looking forward to weekly time spent with my icon.

Lisa, I really haven't forgotten your request for more info regarding icons. I am putting something together for my workshop participants, and then I will post it. Kill two birds with one stone, and all that.

So, I'll still be scarce around here, but will pop in when I can.



Blogger Mimi said...

Yikes! I hope the basement is ok!

January 07, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Flooding basement? EW.

Praying for a successful workshop!

January 08, 2008  

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