Saturday, April 26, 2008

And the winner is...

Thank you all for your entries in the "Beauty Contest". Because beauty in objectively good, and I couldn't choose whose beauty is more beautiful, I decided all the entrants get a prize. E-mail me with your address and let me know if you want a print of a Mary and baby Jesus icon that I did, or a CD custom mix. If you choose a custom mix, let me know what kind of music you enjoy, so I can make it "custom".

my email address is on the side bar in the "about me" section.

AND, if you didn't enter, and are now kicking yourself, go ahead and share your beauty in the contest post com box, and I'll let you in. There are no limits to beauty!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw...I didn't enter for a prize, Renee -- that's okay. Thanks anyway - it was neat!

April 27, 2008  

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