Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There comes a time in every woman's life...

(or many of them) when what is needed is a good cry. I can tell I am approaching those shores now, because anything, or nothing, is causing a little tear to well up. I need a catharsis. I have two ways of accomplishing this task; one that is known to work, and one that is Not A Good Idea. I either need to watch good, cry inducing movie, or I'll end up in some long protracted emotional train wreck fight with my husband. Not that he has anything to do with the need to cry. No. He would simply be an innocent bystander. So help the poor, unsuspecting man out, and give me some good movie suggestions. He will thank you for it. And so will I.


Blogger Matt said...

"Fiddler on the Roof".

Gets me every dang time. If you don't cry when Tevye puts Chava on the train to send her away, you're not human.

April 30, 2008  
Blogger Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I just watched one, actually. "We Are Marshall." You have to like football though. But it was an excellent, excellent movie.

I cry during "Rudy" too but I'm just sentimental when it comes to my team.

"Steel Magnolias" gets me every time too.

April 30, 2008  
Blogger Byzantine, TX said...

Definitely: "I am David". You won't regret it.

April 30, 2008  
Blogger Mimi said...

I was weepy last week, Holy Friday is where I let it out ;)

Um, a good cry movie - "Cold Mountain"

April 30, 2008  
Blogger Michelle said...

The Notebook.

You'll cry AND you'll want to be extra sweet to your husband.

April 30, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Tender Mercies". "The Color of Paradise". "Magnolia" (warning: this one is rough, but very beautiful).

April 30, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steel Magnolias is my absolute favorite cry movie. Gets me every time! Another good one is A Beautiful Mind. Wow! I'm getting weepy just thinking about that one!!

April 30, 2008  
Blogger Cathy said...

Oh my word.
I could have written that first sentence.

WHAT IS WRONG with me lately?

I can totally feel it coming...

May 01, 2008  
Blogger Kelli said...

The Notebook will do it and do it quick. And it truly will make you more loving to your husband.
Enjoy the waterfall!

May 01, 2008  
Blogger Karl said...

Oh, my, goodness. Men and women certainly are different. The Notebook? Steel Magnolias? Not on my worst day. I would rather watch Star Wars or The Dirty Dozen if I were feeling down.

The closest analog I can find for me that fits the category is _Love Actually_, which I enjoy repeatedly, although one should beware the adult themes.

But, who am I to judge? I hope they are the cure for what ails you.

May 01, 2008  
Blogger Renee said...

"Oh, my, goodness. Men and women certainly are different."

Karl, you win the prize for the understatement of the day. Maybe the month. Quite possibly the year.

I looked up your movie suggestion, and saw it had Colin Firth in it, so I will probably take your advice.

But first, I will watch The Notebook, and then Steel Magnolias, and then one that I always rely on, "When a Man Loves a Women".

Daniel, I looked into your suggestions, and think I would like them. They seem sophisticated, so maybe after the pure tear jerkers relieve some of the pressure, I'll watch one of those to add a shine to the catharsis.

Matt, Good suggestion. I own that movie, and will probably partake tomorrow.

Joseph, I have seen "I am David". Truly a great film.

I find it interesting how you men folk stick together. I have never had 4 males comment on the same post before. My husband appreciates your concern. Truly gentlemen and scholars, you all are.

And ladies, thanks for your suggestions. I am going to get to it asap.

Anyone else, feel free to add your suggestions. I am sure that even after this storm passes, the need for catharsis will cross my path again.

May 01, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought of another one. Return to Me. That one makes me bawl and cracks me up! It makes *me* feel better. Tell your dh hello from me and hugs to all the kiddos!

May 01, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dark Victory with Bette Davis. I have never sobbed over a movie like I did that one. Oh, my. Or maybe it was just one of MY weeks, back in the day.

The last movie I wept over? A new one out on video. Lars and the Real Girl. Smockmomma and I both cried like babies. Don't be put off by the premise. It was probably the best movie of 2007.

May 02, 2008  
Blogger Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Oh, yes, Heidi, thanks for suggesting Return to Me. That was a wonderful "laugh/cry almost in the same moment" movie!

May 03, 2008  

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