Thursday, September 25, 2008

40 Days for Life

Last night my mom and I went to the candle light vigil at the sight of the 40 Days for Life site in our town. There were approximately 250 people there, to pray and beg for intercession: Strength for the ability to faithfully carry out prayer and fasting, opening of the hearts of our fellow citizens to value and protect the gift of life, for the women who find out today that they are pregnant, and are in crisis. For our ability to help these women, to reach out to them, that they may truly know they are not alone, and their babies' lives are the gift amidst the difficulties.

I admit, the vigil brought me to tears as I stood there, pregnant and vulnerable. I prayed that my baby would also be born safely into life and into baptism, that I may value and appreciate the gift I have been given in my children, and that I may truly offer myself to assist others, when already I feel bent over with responsibilities. Like Fr. Pavone says in the above video, this is my problem. Those women are my sisters, and their babies are my brothers and sisters.

It is very difficult for me to go out to the clinic to pray. I feel more acutely the cost that abortion is metting out in our society when my tiny baby is inside me, standing witness to life. I can barely make my allotted hour of prayer there, and have the resist the urge to run away. I find watching the women walking into the clinic, head down, looking afraid and nervous, heart breaking and I fear that that they may perceive my presence there, praying for them and their babies, as judgement rather than concern.

But I go when I can. I pray, I hope, I want to be there for "the least of these". I will unite my prayers and fasting with all the other people across the country who are participating in this effort to change the hearts and minds of fellow citizens regarding the value of all human life.

Here is a link to the 40 Days for Life campaign locations in our country. If you want to participate, see if you have one in your area. There are over 170 cities taking part in this outreach effort. You can also help by praying daily for all those feeling scared, alone and desperate, that they may find comfort and assistance, and peace.

40 Days for Life. Transforming one heart at a time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Renee. Napa is having a 40Days of Life for the first time. I will be there every Friday with my big pregnant belly. I admit, I'm rather nervous. My first day is tomorrow. I will be praying for the end of abortion and offering up my hour for a good outcome of the upcoming election. Careful with that fasting!

September 25, 2008  
Blogger Suzanne said...

I'm participating although my town doesn't have this specifically, we do in three other cities in our state. We do have a killing mill and just this morning I passed on the way to the doctor and there looked to be a good size group praying outdoors is killing day in Bloomington...sad for a name of a town that okays this sort of thing, don't cha think?
Anyway, I pray a rosary each day and I am offering up waiting to eat an extra hour or two and if I want to give up a few of my Weight Watchers points too, as will be for this. Thanks that you do anything, but do watch the fasting since you have a little life within you. Bless you, dear! :) Suzanne
PS I am just about done with of the first week in Oct. I know you may not want to hear this, but I so miss being where you are right now, but I do not say that lightly..I know it can be trying..but you'll be okay. :)

September 25, 2008  
Blogger Allison said...

Such a tragedy....their baby dies and they will die a little ever time they think about what they've done...

Prayers indeed!

October 06, 2008  

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