Monday, September 21, 2009

In Conclusion...

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. I am afraid, however, I didn't really make the point I was trying for. I am afraid I gave the impression of extreme discouragement, and that really isn't it at all. I actually think I am doing pretty well considering I know myself and all. I just had a little epiphany the day I wrote that post that I expend way too much energy trying to whitewash my actions so I can make an impression on others in order to make my life look more like theirs. I have spent way too much time coveting other people's gifts and talents, and under utilizing my own. I see other people's blogs and think "Who are these people, that can do so much, so well with such grace and enthusiasm?" But really, what I need to do is engage my own life, with grace and enthusiasm. I need to let others live and express their lives in their own way without seeing it as a reflection on my life or my flaws. See? I think I am finally getting it that IT really isn't all about me! =)

Anyway, just wanted to clear up that I am not discouraged, just really trying to be real, and make the inside me better and better, so it can be the same as the outside me. My goal, I guess, is to get to the point where I am the same inside and out. And I do think I am getting there, and I am glad.

In closing, here is another gratuitous baby picture, of her expression when she saw me walk into the room. If that doesn't sooth the soul, I don't know what does!!


Anonymous heidi said...

I got what you were trying to say and I still stand by my comment. Which was probably badly worded. BTW, I *love* the pics of Melanie. And I wish I were more together to take pics of my kids and post them!

September 21, 2009  
Blogger DeeDee Kay said...

I just now read your post from 9/18. Talk about real, baby! ;-) If you were going for real, you hit it on the head. The whole post got me right there, but especially when you said you don't have time for formal prayer, but pray every 5 minutes that you don't screw up your kids! I love that! So true!
Image has always been so powerful. For good and ill. We have been sold impossibly perfect images for years, if not our entire lives. Now the internet is the most powerful vehicle yet invented for selling ideas & products through images. How difficult will it be to regain a healthy view of ourselves, when our number one source of news and personal communicaton is saturated with false & misleading images? We will have to be vigilant. And replace this onslaught with positive images that we really should be emulating. It is a good topic to bring up with our daughters.
Sorry so lengthy Renee, but you've given me much to think about!

September 21, 2009  
Blogger Elise said...

You are wonderful...and your baby is just so too cute!! (^_^)

September 21, 2009  
Anonymous entropy said...

I struggle with the same thing! It's not all about me (I guess now I know where my daughter gets it from)!

September 22, 2009  

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