Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why I haven't Posted In Over A Week,(or the lovely fullness that is my life).

Slip -n- slide fun!!
Lovely Peonies with Amazing Clematis
The only good effect of 90 degree weather in May, The Amazing Clematis bloomed in a BURST of beauty. These blooms are at LEAST 6 inches wide. Unbelievable.
A delicious Lemon Meringue pie, courtesy of my 14 year old daughter, for no occasion, except 90 degree weather.
Lots and Lots of Fun in the Sun
Lots, and lots of yard work.


Let's see, I am a new "Godmother", as of last Sunday.

Our patio for the post baptism party in honor of my new God daughter.
We have a new "6" year old in our house, who prefers ice cream cones to cake.
Lots of smooches, one from recently, and the same two lovelies last year.

We have a new "8" year old in this house.

These two luckies got to go to California for a vacation with their dad. And take a limo to the airport. And notice the red cast. That was fun, too.

I got a hair cut and a pedicure last week. Wow. Totally refreshing, and

There is more. My eldest finishing up the school year and taking driver's ed three afternoons a week. Me taking a literal van load of stuff to Goodwill. Guest coming and going. My 15 year old daughter trying to finish school before she leaves on a week and half long vacation with a friend of hers. She is doing Seton for her freshman year, and all I can say is we are both looking forward to her going to school next year. Yes we are.

It is a busy, good, tiring, invigorating life, one that doesn't always allow for a faithful recounting. But I am trying to LIVE IN THE NOW, experience my life and live it, and love it. It seems to be working!

Pentecost at our Church. It was a lovely day!


Blogger Mimi said...

Congratulations on being a new Godmother, that baby is well blessed, and quite adorable!

Happy things all around. Happy Birthday to your newly minted 8 and 6 year olds!

May 26, 2010  
Blogger Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

That is all definitely lovely! I'm glad you can enjoy every moment.

May 26, 2010  

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