Monday, January 03, 2011

My 2011 Word.

As I have mentioned frequently this past year, I want to get back to more regular blogging. I miss the untangling of my thoughts, and the relief I get from putting the chaos of my mind down in an orderly way. I love written words, and have had a mighty difficult time using them this past year.

It took me some time to determine what some obstacles were in writing. I was having other difficulties this year, as well, short attention span, general malaise, restlessness. I had the fortunate ability for some spiritual guidance this fall, and it has slowly been weaving it's way into my plan for the new year.

Many people choose a "word" for the new year. I tried it last year. I chose "Hope". I think it helped, despite my sluggishness, I had hope that with perseverance, I would make the most out of the life I have been given. But things never quite work out the way I think they will, and my ideas of improvement aren't always God's idea.

So this year, I believe my new word will be "Silence". It almost makes me laugh. Silence in a house full of people? Silence. But that is what I need regularly so I can think, and contemplate, and untangle. Not enough silence has led to this year of fallow blogging as well as a generalized confusion and superficiality in me.

Silence. How will I find it? I'll have to take it in bits and pieces. Early morning, maybe. In the car. Off goes the radio. Really need to get outside and stroll. That always helps. Putting away the iPhone unless I really need it, no mindless surfing. It is a start.

Wishing you all a fruitful New Year!

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Blogger Hope said...

Silence seems to be a theme for me for 2011, too. Recently returned to contemplative prayer, which is the greatest help for me in learning silence.

January 03, 2011  
Anonymous Matt Yonke said...

I like the word-for-the-year idea. Might have to give that one a shot. Also like you blogging more. Definitely do that one!

January 03, 2011  
Anonymous aileen said...

Mine is "proactive." I've decided that instead of being unhappy with how something is, whether it's the state of the house or my attitude toward the kids, I'm going to do something about it, instead of bemoan it. I also want to do things well instead of half-youknowwhat.

I think it's going pretty well so far. It will also depend on my energy level; this point in the 2nd trimester affords me that, but who knows what 3rd and post-baby will be like... I am looking forward to the new year with this perspective in mind, though!

January 03, 2011  
Blogger priest's wife said...

My word for 2011 is "BE"- work when I work, play when I play, pray when I pray- focus on the moment

love the icon- thanks for the link!

January 07, 2011  

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