Friday, December 17, 2004

Off to a better start today

So far, so good. Kids are up, dressed, no tremendous mess. Baby fed, happy. I showered, actually blow dried my hair, put shoes on. This must not happen often enough, as everyone asked me where I was going! Washer repairman is on his way. Book shelf painted, cookies made, tree up, though not decorated. Still need to finish cards and photos, put 2 boxes in the mail, and lay out all the gifts for all 7 kids and make sure they are even. I need to go light my candle in front of my icon wall, and implore mother and Son to help me get a glimmer of peace in what should be a peaceful season. I "wrote" the icon of "Tender Kissing" 2 years ago, and I have spent many hours in weary prayer, "Help me be satisfied with reality, help me have peace." I can tell from the last few days posts I need to go visit them, once again. Peace.


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