Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Book meme (what is a meme, by the way??)

I got tagged by three people! I will get this done tomorrow. Today was the kind of day when I used up every drop of energy. By the time the baby went to bed, I literally had to step outside for fresh air just to keep myself from screaming. Funny thing, nothing bad even happened today. Just one little irritation at a time, and by bedtime I am a blithering idiot. I told dh to send me to my room, and here I am with my trusty laptop, reading and enjoying many blogs. So goodnight, tomorrow is a new day, and God Bless.


Blogger Julie said...

I read a fabulous blog glossary when I started getting into blogs, and here is what it says a meme is...


noun. A meme is considered to be a discrete idea that replicates itself, with the connotation that memes replicate themselves and are propagated by people through social and technological networks, much like both real and computer viruses. (Coined by Richard Dawkins) Note: Although not strictly speaking a 'blog specific' term, meme is very widely used in the Blogosphere (qv).

I've always seen the word used in reference to those question-ey things that everyone passes around. Like the book meme. You know. ;)

May 20, 2005  

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