Friday, July 15, 2005

Oh, yea, Miss Righteous speaking here. What is your High School Stereotype?

Seriously, Miss Righteous was my nick name. Still is, for all I know. *Sigh*
This used to bother me alot more that it does now, but it isn't very exciting. Major rule follower here. Timid little rule follower. *Sigh* College didn't even corrupt me. I was too busy studying and working. *Sigh*

Sometimes I do feel as if I didn't experience life, but then I think of all the life in my house, and I say, "nah, I am experiencing Real Life,"

hat tip to Kate


Blogger Kate said...

As I used to tell freshmen who spoke blithely of life outside our Catholic College as "The Real World," (as in, "it'll be different out in the Real World," or "well, this isn't Real Life,"):

You betchyor booties this is real! The people, relationships, situations, problems, etc. in your life and my life and in a monastery or a school or the ghetto are all as real as it gets, with souls at stake and battle around every corner.

That's real.

FWIW, I was almost a Miss Righteous myself, and would have been if I wasn't trying so darn hard to prove I wasn't the brainless Rome clone my friends all thought I was. (Purple hair, anyone?)

July 15, 2005  
Blogger Adinah said...

Rene, I simply can't imagine....goody two shoes.....:) I am here, busy week.....will post about it...I think......have a breather tomorrow. See I missed two days checking your blog and you added three posts!!

July 15, 2005  

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