Friday, July 08, 2005

well, hello everyone

I cannot believe the pace our summer is taking. Starting school again will most likely be a relief! I had completed 3/4ths of the next interview, and came back to finish it, and my computer had shut itself off. It keeps doing that, and it's quite annoying!! So that interview will have to be redone, and that's sad, because it was so cute. Next time we go through the questions she'll be trying to remember what she said, instead of just answering the question. I am having fun with the interviews, and it has let to lots of conversations one on one with my kids. Thank you for your help, everyone. I suspect it will take me longer to complete them all than I had originally thought, but then again, there is no hurry.

Our addition is coming along. Our master bath is gone, now a pile of rubble. The addition now has all it's walls, part of it's ceiling and the windows will be coming next week. Then the roof will be completed. I'll post some pics over the weekend.

When our old bathroom was being torn out, it struck me how differently it had been constructed than the new bathroom I will have. Rock lathe, wire mesh, plaster, tile, cement. I tell you that bathroom was made to last. Every nail pounded by hand. Pencil marks on the studs in very old fashioned script. Would those craftmen of old be impressed with the newer technologies, like dry wall, nail compressors, PVC. Or would they feel it was less well done. Hard to say. One thing for sure, modern construction techniques sure are quick. My brother is the contractor, and I have been so impressed with his abilities. He is my baby brother,and to see him in such a high state of productivity is thrilling. He's a great guy, and I feel honored to have this time working with him.

Anyway, nothing profound to add. As predicted, sweet baby girl is walking full time, and never crawls any more. She is sleeping more, as she really gets quite a workout. The three year old is resisting potty training. I don't really even care. First 5 kids I was adament, no 3 year olds in diapers. Now, what ever, he'll get it eventually. Wisdom? or fatigue? Who can say for sure. Either way, eventually he'll go to the potty, and I don't have to ruin my summer clashing with a 3 year old.

Well, gotta go pay bills a week late. The 4th holiday really got this month off to a slow start. It'll be August before I know it. This August I turn 39. My last year in the thirties. That decade flew by, I'll tell you. Yikes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thirties didn't go by all that fast for me. The forties, yes. I can't believe I have less than two years left in the forties! God help me. I'm an old lady!

July 09, 2005  
Blogger Adinah said... young chickie you! how was painting today? bet it was wonderful. I could have done with a little meditative time out here myself, although I suppose all the cleaning I did is meditation. Glad to hear the house is coming along well. Hmm....must be the wisdom thing....they say the older you get the smarter you get, or like me, you just don't care anymore......priority shifting and all that stuff. Looking forward to the next computer does that too.....drives me nuts.

July 09, 2005  

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