Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lent Day 1

(Remember, Eastern Rite Lent started after Vespers on Sunday)
I said my morning prayers, which are from the book on The Canon of St. Andrew. I figure if I start doing the prostrations now, maybe I'll be able to walk after doing the full Canon of St. Andrew during week 5. I missed my afternoon prayers, most likely because I failed to set a specific time for them, and time got away. I lit candles and called the kids in for evening prayer, and followed the strict fast all day. By the end of the day, I was calm, but restless. Does that make sense?

I have a habit of having "a little something" in the evening after the kids are in bed. Tea and cookies, or beer and chips, or wine and chocolate, you get the idea. SO, being that doesn't really fit the spirit of Lent, no treat, except a nice big glass of water. I watched a little T.V., and turned it off. No fun without my snacks. I went to bed, read my new, FABULOUS book, The Feast of Friendship, and then turned the light off to go to sleep. Being that I wasn't lulled into a carb induced coma, I had time to pray for the people I said I would pray for, especially the sick and deceased. Then my thoughts turned to the fact that I would get sick and die some day. All the things I spend my time on now only matter in relation to that fact. What part of my day is spent in activities that will matter after the day of my death, and what part will be like dust?

Now, I have been know to be a serious sort throughout my life, but I must say, ONE DAY of fasting. ONE DAY of saying "NO" to myself, and my thought turn to intercessory prayer and my own death. GO LENT!!

(I am writing this during my free time in the morning, and feel as if it is important to document my journey with the Great Fast. Comment will be off, so I will not be wasting time checking for feedback. That was the point of me cutting back on computer time. Just so you can understand this does fit into my Lenten Plan. And no, I will not be doing this every day, just when an effect from Lent gobsmacks me).
Well, I can't get the comment off for this post, just future post. So please, don't comment. Thank you.
(photo taken by yours truly. This is the view we get once the leaves fall off the trees in our woods.)


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