Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I have all the entrants' from the "Beauty Contest" cards addressed. I will pop them in the mail later today. But first I am going to work out in my yard, pulling weeds, transplanting perennials and edging flower beds. I will try to take some photos to show the beauty of the great outdoors. I must get to the weeding, though, because I am about to lose the battle here if I don't get it done, and get the mulch down. I have learned through the years to say the "Jesus Prayer" with each weed pull. It turns an odious chore into many moments of grace and peace, and a visual reminder of what Jesus does for my soul.

I have tons of fun stuff coming up around here: A few birthdays (my little two are both getting a year older within ten days. The babies will be 6 and 4. *gulp*), Mother's Day (great times with family, lots of chocolate and girl time with the other mothers I know and love), an Opera to attend ("Tosca". Anyone familiar with it?).

So, beauty abounds around here.

Oh, yes, I made some FABULOUS chocolate chip cookies yesterday.
I'll share the recipe later. Yum.

Also, the dinner we had last night was a save, after noticing it was 5:00pm, and me without a clue what to eat. Found some sausage in the fridge, had spaghetti sauce and pasta, feta cheese and bruschetta. I browned the sausage (it was loose), boiled the pasta, added the sauce to the cooked sausage, dumped it all in a large baking dish (actually an old deep dish Pizza Hut pan I found at the thrift store for 1.99), added the feta and bruschetta and baked it for about 25 minutes. Delish, creamy, and satisfying. Yum.

(photo from last fall. I'll take the same shot today and you'll see the difference next post)


Blogger Mimi said...

What a fun week you have upcoming! lovely all around!

May 06, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but just knowing that the sausage was "loose" made me giggle!

Sounds like a wonderful week ahead. All except the whole pulling weeds thingy.

May 07, 2008  

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