Friday, May 09, 2008

Pentecost is coming!

So, Pentecost is this Sunday. (Our Byzantine Catholic church is on the "new" calendar). As our family has begun to embrace the celebration of the Liturgical calendar more holistically, we have tried to take the celebration of feasts home with us after church. Could you all please share with me how you celebrate Pentecost as a family? What traditions do you have, from food to cook and share, to activities and even decorations. This is a BIG day, and want to to be bigger at home.

Currently, we go to church, get our blessed wheat and then decorate our family icon wall with the wheat (with nine people in the family, we get quite a lot), move the Pentecost icon to the center, and light candles, incense and put up flowers.

My sixth child turns 6 on Saturday, and Mother's Day is also on Pentecost, so this should be one happy household for the next few days. Today we clean, then tomorrow, the celebration begins.

Anything you can add to our Pentecost celebration would be most appreciated!~

(P.S. I did not write the icon in this photo, but I hope to someday. I have yet to do an icon with so many faces, but the time will come, God willing.)


Blogger Mimi said...

Happy Feast Day!

It is the feast of our parish's ancestral home, a chapel in the foothills. So, we go up to the chapel and have a big meal afterwards outside, it is a lot o fun.

It's not until mid-June, though, for us.

May 09, 2008  

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