Friday, July 15, 2011

Quick Takes - Homestretch Edition

I guess I'll do a Quick Takes, since I haven't managed a post in a while.

1. Nesting has kicked in. My desk is clean, half of my kitchen cabinets are cleaned out (with the other half on schedule for today and tomorrow), my kids clothing is all purged and sorted, and there are plans afoot for throwing away half of what is in the basement. Maybe that is why I have so many children. I need regular nesting in order to keep the house in order.

2. My eldest, in a mature and very grown up manner, changed his college plans, and decided to go to the local community college for at least a year. I am relieved that his debt will be much, much less with this plan, but sad to see him so disappointed. He worked very hard to get into the 4 year school and made a narrow cut to do so. But, as we adults know, reality is reality, and must be dealt with. Now we need to find him a bedroom. Shifting once again, grateful for the space to be flexible.

3. I had an encounter with a flying table this week, during a viscous wind storm. I was attempting to get the patio tables' umbrellas down, when the wind tossed one of the tables into my face. I have a few stitches, and bruises, but I am so, so thankful that is all the damage. The table hit me in the mouth, and Praise God, I still have all my very expensive teeth.

4. Today is the last day my middle kids' tutor comes for language arts. We kept it going because I am pretty certain I won't be starting school on time given the birth of the wee lad is a mere two weeks before we usually begin. This gives me some guilt free delay time, where all they have to do is a daily math lesson and free reading for a bit. I ask prayers for our awesome tutor, as he is leaving here to go into a monastery. If this is indeed his vocation, we may never see him again, but will always be joined by the bond of prayer. St. Benedict, pray for us!

5. Summer weather here has been gloriously delightful. Usually it is much hotter, much more humid. St. Scholastica has come through for me again, and prayed me into a pretty comfortable summer. I have very little swelling, and am feeling better now than I did during the second trimester. Blessings, all of it.

6. I have everything ready for the baby. Now I relax and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

7. Baby boy names. Still playing with them, but pretty sure we have settled on one. Stay tuned.

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Friday, July 01, 2011

Where are we now?

Ah, blogging. What has happened? Multi-dimensional changes in blogging in general (so many are like magazines now, rather than the casual sharing of thoughts). So many are promoting a career (not a bad thing at all. In fact, a terrific use of technology). I have been left far behind as far as formatting blogs. I have no interest or desire to learn blog design, nor to pay someone else to tweek mine. But it is obvious now that I am Old Fashioned when it comes to blogging. Facebook has come along to replace the relationship part of blogging, I think, and also, for people like me that have blogged for nearly 7 years, is there that much more to say? Then there are the bloggers that have risen to the top, like cream, that say what is on my mind so much better than I could, I find myself nodding in agreement rather than writing my own thoughts.

Then there is my personal lack of discipline. I blog erratically, which doesn't lead to a strong readership. I blog about my own life, which can be very boring to read. I seem to have lost a bit of my reflective ability, or the things I reflect on are too personal to put out on the internet, too controversial (I don't want to offend), or too common (how many posts on pregnancy, home making and gardening can I do, when I do the same things over and over?)

I never have seen myself as any sort of expert, so my blog won't ever be telling people what to do or how to do it. I have found lots of tricks to make my life easier that I would like to share, but so many of them are in response to my life, and not generally applicable (like making my kids stand in the corner instead of spanking them. Worked very well for me. I couldn't guarantee that it will for anyone else). I am not going to instruct people in home schooling techniques (o, please, I can barely get by myself). What I have done appears to be working, but there was never a formula for me. If I could write a book, it would be called, "Flying by the Seat of my Pants", because that is how I have home schooled, gardened, raised my kids, managed my marriage and kept a budget. It is how I plan menus and how I respond to just about everything. I don't recommend it, but it works for me. But could I, in good conscience, offer my technique as anything to imitate? Absolutely not. It boils down to this. I am exceptionally flexible. I try to put a plan into action, but things are constantly changing, so I must make constant adjustments to my plan. The final outcome is usually barely recognizable compared to my original vision. At first, that made me feel like a failure. Now, not so much. But I can not make a home making blog about it. No beautiful photos to share, generally, but there are so many, many delightful surprises!

Anyway, now, I am completely wrapped up in this pregnancy (only 6 weeks to go), relishing the new life inside me and wondering if THIS will be the last time I get to do this. Relishing my teens, my new graduate, the two year old and the middle kids, who are growing and blossoming every day. So much abundance has led to fewer and fewer words.

I think that is how it is supposed to be. Matters of the head are being transferred to matters of the heart, where I am treasuring them and contemplating them, and and storing them. Just not writing about them.