Friday, December 23, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

The Tree has been Chosen!

Christmas prep has been relaxed, calm, fun, on pace. This has not been my experience ever as a mom, so I can not explain it. Just a Gift, I guess.
After the tree was up, Theo in his Bumbo, with Melanie

I feel (finally) my strength coming back after Theo's birth. He is four months old, but now I can have a busy, active day without major exhaustion and lots of back pain. I can also get up off the floor without pushing on something and making lot o' noise. Huzzah!

(With his older sister on his 4 monthaversary)

Melanie has been the sweetest. Her use of language is increasing so rapidly, but there are somethings she pronounces incorrectly that I love. "I wuv my baby brudda", "Otay" "Pismass Tree" "Nit" for Nick, "dould" instead of could. SO cute, and it is going away slowly but surely, so I want to document a bit before she speaks correctly.

My seven year old has recently discovered card games. It is so much fun to see her just breaking into the "big kid " world, and loving it so much.

I have almost finished my Nativity Icon, and will have it blessed on the altar on Christmas. It has been such a pleasure working on this icon during Advent.

The faces of the icon in progress
Now I just have to add the halo rings and and lettering, and this is finished!

I am now old. This year we have had a balmy December, no snow or threat of it so far, and I am delighted. I remember when I was young I thought people who were happy about no snow were old and sad. Now I think differently.

It was just a year ago, tomorrow, I found out that Theo was on his way. I kept it a secret for a week, so last Christmas I was "pondering in my heart" what was happening. This year, we have a 4 month old love and I can not imagine our family with out him!
(iPhone photos, so sorry for the grainy pics, but better than nothing, right?)

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Merry Christmas!


Blogger priest's wife - S.T./ Anne Boyd said...

Merry Christmas!

What beautiful babies (Melanie plus baby boy) and I am impressed you took the time to write an icon- you are a super woman!

December 23, 2011  
Blogger Athanasis Contra Mundum said...

I like the icon. I wish I was blessed with that much artistic ability.

December 23, 2011  
Blogger Melanie Bettinelli said...

Merry Christmas!

You children are so beautiful. Theo has such a sweet serious demeanor in those photos.

The icon is beautiful too. I can't wait to see it when finished.

December 23, 2011  
Blogger Michelle said...

I am old, too, and not missing cold weather and wet snow clothes.

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2011  
Blogger Mother Mayhem said...

Merry Christmas! ♥

Thank you for sharing your family with us! They are precious. HUGS.

December 24, 2011  
Blogger Anna B. said...

Merry Christmas!

What a beautiful icon.

December 24, 2011  

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