Saturday, December 18, 2004

We're Getting There

Well, my husband and I went to a little appetizer dinner last night, the first non-stressful preparation so far this year. It was quite refreshing. We got the tree decorated last night, and after years of wishing my husband would be part of it, he was! He was much more quick and efficiant than I, almost assembly line style, and I didn't get to go over the story of each ornament, but, it's done and wasn't too chaotic. So far kiddo #6, the two year old, has only broken 2 ornaments, and they are fixable. The cat hasn't gone near the tree yet. St. Francis, please keep her out of the tree. My dear daughters helped me decorate outside, for the first time. They are 10 and 8, and a real help. Great ideas!! Littlies, 6,4,and 2, played outside, and the baby slept. 10 year old ds and dh at a movie. Now we are having hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. Doesn't whipped cream make hot chocolate extra delectable?! Any way, I have still much to do, but feel much more in the spirit of the season. Prayers are answered.

My latest angst (I seem to always have one) is getting the right Christmas present for the kids. I know I am dead on for 2 children, 2 don't really care, and 2 I am pretty sure about. BUT, that last one, I feel I am guessing. They all say they don't care, they don't really NEED anything, and so anything would be fun. Why am I so worried?? Maybe I was jealous and petty as a child and am transferring that to my own children.

I also think of the abject poor in the world and wish there was something we could really do. I do pray (not enough), and make biannual donations to Food for the Poor, but, what else? I got the top 4 kiddo's gifts, by husband's gift, and a family movie, 150 or so dollars. Went to Target to get a few other presents, niece and nephew birthday gifts ( we have 7 this week), and stocking stuffers, 200 dollars. Yikes, it adds up so fast, and we try to keep it small and simple. 2 gifts per kid and a mildly full stocking. Should I feel guilty, because our kids get a warm, safe happy day, while others in the world have cold, fear, hunger? Is it okay to feel grateful, knowing others are really suffering? It almost seems like I am grateful at the suffering poor's expense. This really weighs on my mind. My husband used to donate time at the homeless shelter, and take the kids to bring gifts to the children there. Lately he has been too busy with work and another apostolate, one that isn't aimed at the poor. What can I do?


Blogger Philothea Rose said...

I think it is definitely OK to feel grateful. It's like with a marriage; if you have a great one and a close friend has a horrible one, you don't feel guilty that you have a great one. You go and hug your husband and praise God for him. Of course you try and help your friend and do what you can, but you are still thankful for your marriage. Right? To me, it's very similar.

December 19, 2004  
Blogger Nevermore said...

Hey sis, glad to have you in the bloggosphere. Maybe one of these days we'll finish your basement and the noise will subside a bit for you. This year that is, not next. PAX

December 20, 2004  

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