Saturday, April 23, 2005

Where I have been lately

We have been busier than usual lately, with the kiddo's choir, loan applying, and pope watching.

The kiddos' spring concert was on Sunday. They are in a community choir, with 5 levels of choirs in the organization. We have 4 children involved, and they are all in different levels. The concert on Sunday was spectacular, and worth every day of driving to rehersals. I always forget how listening to the sweet voices of children makes me cry. I always forget to bring Kleenex, and end up wiping my eyes on my sleeve. The theme of the concert was "Hear the Children Sing", and here are some highlights. The 6 year olds sang, "Do re mi", and "I've Got Rythem", as well as a few others. The 8 year olds sang, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (*sniff, sniff* wish I had a kleenex). The 10 year olds sang "Any Dream Will Do", as well as "Art Thou Troubled" by Handel. This one really got to me, and I was wiping my eyes with my sleeve. Then the 12 year olds sang from "Carmen", and the boys sang "If I Were a Rich Man". Beautiful. Then the upper choir sang (none of my kids in that one yet), then the grand finale, from "Les Mis" - "Bring Him Home" and "The Barricade Song". There were 220 kids singing together for these. My sleeves were soaked.

This week the kids each sang with their respective choirs at various nursing homes, Tuesday, Wed, Thursday, rehersal Friday, performance tonight. Sometimes we wonder if all this running around is good for the family, but other times, when we hear the kids all singing together at home, just for the joy of it, we realize nothing good comes without a cost.

Other news is we were approved for our construction loan, and will close on Monday. Now we should get to break ground in the next few weeks. We are adding on 1200 sq. ft. of bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry room - all the essentials. I also will have a private room off of my bedroom for quiet, mental health mommy time. I will also get to move the baby out of my room (by the time it is finished she will be 19 months old, so that should be fine). I will be quite busy before the ground breaking, as I have to transplant many of my gardens to keep them from getting run over. We will have to cut down 3 trees to do this addition, so we are going to be hauling a stacking alot of wood, as well. I am really contemplating reducing school to math only until all these outside chores are done, then finishing up the other subjects in June, when it will be too dangerous for the kids to be out there anyway.

And lastly, we have been stunned by the hateful responses to our new Holy Father in the MSM. WOW, I had no idea how polarized the church had become. We are so pleased with him, have been for decades, and are grateful beyond words for the Holy Spirit's care of the church. We feel a real closeness with Pope Benedict, as we have a son named Benedict, and chose his name for the same reasons the Pope chose his. Nothing makes you feel closer to somebody than sharing such an intimate part of your life like choosing a first-born child's name. I am sorry so many Catholics in America are so poorly catechised that they don't understand what power the pope possesses, and what powers he doesn't possess. Hopefully they will come to an understanding rather than either leaving their home, or actively working to destroy it. I must pray more, I absolutley must!!


Blogger Julie said...

Sounds like you're going to be busy. I feel for your gardens and trees!

April 24, 2005  
Blogger not said...

wow, you have been busy! hopefully i can help out a little before i take off for new orleans, and more when i get back...

April 24, 2005  
Blogger Mama_T said...


Good luck on your remodel! I'll pray for good weather, quality workmanship and mental health! ;-)

Blessings to you and your project!

April 26, 2005  

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