Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Lovely Day

Yesterday was a marvelous day in our home. We celebrated 2 birthdays, as two of my daughters share a birthday. They were born 4 years apart to the day. This was the first day since they were alive that their birthday didn't fall in Lent. It was a day of reflection for me, and how blessed I am, and what bounty I have been given.

We were able to give the two girls their dream gift - American Girl dolls. My older daughter has one, and was just as excited as the birthday girls, so they can play together.

I saw my oldest daughter struggle with jealousy, as the birthday girls were taken out to dinner, and she wasn't included. I gave her a little pep talk about the birthday parties she has had, and each child is different, and to be happy for her sisters. She went to her room, and when we left she said good bye with a forced smile, then into the bathroom.

Before bedtime, I told her I had noticed her struggle, and was pround how long and hard she fought her jealousy. She said it had been difficult, and I told her what strength she had achieved by her struggle. A smile arrived, a real smile, and we were able to end the day with all the kids happy for the birthday girls and no rough feelings. A victory!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's so great! My three nieces all had those dolls too. They are beautiful dolls!
Happy Birthdays to all!

March 30, 2005  
Blogger Kitsune said...

Happy birthday(s) to both of them.

That was one of the silly little regrets that I had about Mere's disability-- she's not interested in dolls and imaginitive play. So I spoiled Elsa by buying her three American Girl dolls over the years. One of them got mauled by the dog, so she's our official "Disabled Kirsten" doll. :-) Alas, Elsa's outgrowing them! The poor dolls just are sitting there now, awaiting (possibly) another little Tribemember girl to love them. Kids grow up so fast! Enjoy every precious moment, tea party, and try not to be bothered too much by inevitable squabbles when someone has the "best" dress and won't share. It's all a learning process for them, but for us it's a too-brief happiness.

March 30, 2005  

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