Friday, April 15, 2005

You Can't Get in the Way of Progress

I am finally recovering from the last three weeks of no routines. First was the 10 days of the flu, then the 4 days of preparation for the icon workshop (school schedule, car pool reschedule, meal planning and grocery shopping). Then the icon workshop, as well as housing 3 of the workshop participants. The icon was challenging, and the workshop was full, the instructor (my dh's uncle) couldn't help eveyone as much as they needed. So I helped many of the first time iconographers. I was there 13 hours a day sometimes. I also had to come home a few times a day to nurse the baby, and since I was gone most the day, she woke up frequently at night for "Mommy time". So, this week I have been doing laundry, correcting school work, and generally catching up around here.

As far as interesting posts go, several ideas have flitted through the noggin, but none have stuck long enough for me to elaborate. Some other bloggers have spoken of an emotional exhaustion, both from the Terri Schiavo situation and the loss of our Holy Father. I do agree with this. Maybe that is why so many things seem sad to me now. The latest is the loss of so much farm land around our home. I went to the grocery store last weekend, and one of the venerable old farm houses was gone. The next day, all the old trees were cut down, and it looked like a natural disaster. Yesterday I went by, and the entire piece of land was covered over with dirt, and it looks as though nothing was ever there. This made me incredibly sad. Someone had lived there. There had to be a family history on that old farm, and probably more than one generation. Those trees were upwards of 200 years old. Gone. You know what will be there? A strip mall. YUCK. We live in what used to be farm country, and now it is full of boring houses with scrawny trees and lots of strip malls. How many Walgreen's does a city need?? We looked into moving farther out into the country, but decided the family time lost to commuting would not be worth it.

So anyway, in my emotionally exhausted state, I am mourning the loss of someone else's homestead, and trees that were saplings when this country began. Don't you think I would have enough on my mind with out all this?? Why do I care that someone's history has been erased?


Blogger Essy said...

Wow...that is sad.

April 15, 2005  
Blogger not said...

that's why as much as i disagree with most liberal politics, the tree huggers/planning sticklers definately have it right in many aspects when it comes to land stewardship... tactics questionable, but concerns, dead on.

How many Walgreen's does a city need??

and if anything were to keep me from aurora, it would be the strip malls...

beautiful, though sad, account...

April 18, 2005  

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