Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Little Balance

Just to balance out the dismal post from yesterday, so far, at 7:50 am, I have had a delightful morning. The four littlest kiddos climbed in bed with me in a tangle of chubby arms and legs and lots of giggles. What bounty!! Now baby is sitting in her high chair, eating dry cheerios, and alternatly feeding her big sister. The recent birthday boy is playing with one of his birthday presents, and having a terrific time. He got two Lego Knights from his aunt and uncle and hasn't put them down since. I made a pot of coffee, and drank the first mug while it was still hot! And to top it off, I had a delicious Caramel Bite from Trader Joe's with it.

Last night I got out of the house for a while because it was babysitter night. Since dh is still gone, I went to return a few things, and then to Caribu Coffee for and iced green tea. I finally finished "A Cry of Stone" by Michael O'Brien. I have mixed emotions about it. It had some good parts, some inspirational parts, but overall even at over 800 pages, I never really understood the main character, Rose, and some of the story lines actually made me say out loud, "O, brother (dramatic rolling of the eyes)".

As far as budget trimming, I started by only spending money for the tea. Then I went to Borders and read "Mothering" magazine, then put it back. Is that bad? I really like that magazine in so many ways. I find encouragement in motherhood, homeschooling, listening to my gut, opening up myself to motherhood completely, and so on. I don't understand how the same magazine that routinely champions large families also promotes population control and planned parenthood. So, I don't buy the magazine. But I do really like it by and large.

I read a quote there last night that I do not want to forget. "When I breathe in, I calm myself. When I breathe out, I smile." This might get me through some tight spots.

Anyway, today is looking better. God is good.


Blogger rita said...

nah... I dont think it's bad, we can be cafeteria magazene readers- (right?)
glad your night got better and you didn't sacrifice the babysitter-
question for ya:
is the sitter a regular? just for you? or a regular for you and hubbie? just curious. seems like such a healthy thing to do for yourself!!
so many times during my day when i get frustrated or impatient over such mundane things, i just wonder how do women with more babies do this?! than I think, maybe I just need to find out!!

July 19, 2005  
Blogger Renee said...

I currently have a sitter regularly on Monday evenings for 3 hours for a date night for dh and me. She comes back Tuesday mornings for 2 hours so I can grocery shop. When school starts I will probably drop the Tuesday and work out grocery shopping some other way. Pretty soon we will be able to leave the kids alone for a short time for our date night, as our oldest is 12.

As far as wondering how moms with more babies do it, if you mean carry on despite frustration or impatience, then they do it just like you do. For me, each new baby pushed me to the end of my abilities, but then miraculously, my abilities expanded, just in the nick of time. I don't think it's any harder for me than it is for you. You absolutely cannot just multiply current frustration by number of kids and get an accurate view of my day. Even though I have more children, I have more help from my older kids, and I have said older kids to have a decent conversation with. Back in the day of 2 or 3 little ones, half of my frustration was no rational conversation. You know I haven't tied a shoe or buckled or unbuckled a car seat in a long time (older kids do this). I don't put baby to bed or get her up (older kids to this). All I do is nurse her, kiss her, and hand her to dd. I couldn't do that when I "only" had 2 kids. See? You are probably at the max of work and frustration right now. *grin*.

July 19, 2005  
Blogger rita said...

see, that is just what I needed to hear. my dh and I have always known we wanted a large family, and sometimes I feel like time is slipping away, and it needs to happen instantly! however, a little breather in between is not such a bad thing! as far as being at the max of work and frustration: oh yeah, baby! *kooky send me to the looney bin grin*

July 21, 2005  

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