Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Gift

Stopping by to check in and say hello. I have been trying to read everyone's blogs, usually 1/2 of my sidebar a day. I haven't had time to comment much, which I regret, because I like to keep the conversation going.

Blogging is quite odd, really. I have loved getting to know the people I have conversed with via blogs, and am glad I have had this experience. But on the other hand, it is quite unsettling to have a regular commenter stop commenting, someone I would call a "friend". Are they just busy, or are they moving on to other, more exciting blogs? After leaving an in depth comment, that gets no reply, does that mean they didn't like it, or they just had nothing to add? The blog conversation is unlike any other I have had. I guess I don't know the rules, if there are any. If someone stops commenting, what does it mean? (I don't have a counter or anything. I only know if someone visits if they leave a comment). If I want to address them directly, is it appropriate to do so over my blog, or in a comment on an unrelated post on their blog? If someone who encourages me stops commenting, am I wearing them out, do they think I don't need it anymore, or have they moved on to share the love with other bloggers?

Bottom line, I am not sure I need this extra anxiety in my life. I have to decide if the value of having this nice community at my fingertips is worth more than the self doubt and insecurity that it has dredged up in me.

Maybe I will just make this blog a place to put out there my thoughts and ideas, for what ever they are worth, and any comment is just frosting on the cake?

Anyway, I went to a retreat this weekend, "Every Woman's Journey" given by Katrina Zeno. Very good. We had to dig deep to answer some spiritual questions, and all that scraping off bottom of my soul left me in a rather disrupted state for a few days. But I feel better now, much more whole, and ready to make a sincere gift of myself to the world.

I think that is how I will approach blogging, as a gift, without worrying what I get back in the way of comments. Take if for what is, then, stuff I hope you will find enjoyable, worthwhile, helpful. Blessings to you all, then, my friends.

P.S. Akeyah - I couln't find you. Please don't leave without saying goodbye!


Blogger Kate said...

Mostly less comments means we're busy too! But still reading, dear lady, never you fear.

September 28, 2005  
Blogger Mama Heffalump said...

Thank you for your gift... *smile*!

September 28, 2005  
Blogger Julie said...

I'm definitely still reading, though I rarely comment anywhere!

September 29, 2005  
Blogger rita said...

I can relate to that kind of anxiety, questioning, self doubt, etc...on many occasions I have thought, I'm just going to stop blogging for a while...doesn't seem like I'll be missed. But than someone randomly drops by and leaves a nice comment, or something happens that I want to share. Anyhow, I enjoy your blog. You are very down to earth, and your family inspires me.

September 29, 2005  
Blogger mum2twelve said...

I love to get comments but I rarely answer comments left on my blog mostly due to time constraints and because I wasn't sure if one was expected to leave responses.

So every now and then I just leave a response to my readers thanking them for their kind comments!

I would love to read more blogs, but only have time to read one or two a week since I am working almost full time with my husband's business, schooling and trying to be a good mummy!

You have some very insightful posts here. In regards to the one about anger - you have inpired me to share a prayer that I find helpful when I pray it daily. I will post it tomorrow!

Thanks for all of your comments on my blog!

September 29, 2005  
Blogger Lori said...

See, I'm even late seeing this post. I'm new to the blog world, but have already found my time is short. I keep visiting when I can cause I find you inspiring. I think so many people just don't comment at all, but continue reading your blog.

September 30, 2005  
Blogger Philothea Rose said...

I think seeing comments as frosting on the cake is a good attitude to take. I know for me, I now am only able to get to reading blogs about once a week. So if you see me around more than that, then yell at me to get back to my work because most likely I am putting off something I am supposed to be doing! :)

October 02, 2005  

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