Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An interesting comment

Ma Beck said...
Is there a way you can make the icons on your icon blog 'enlargeable'?
(Did I just invent a word?)
They are gorgeous!

Welcome, Ma Beck, and I think I have some 'splainin' to do.

Most the icons I use to illustrate prayers or reflections are not written my be. When I do write one I make a BIG deal about it because it takes me so long. I will search and post photos of the one's I have posted in my blog in the past. I am sorry for the confusion.

For those that have asked if I sell them. I never have, because, again, it takes me so long to make one. But, I am hoping, now that I have my own "studio", I will be more prolific, and will be able to write them at a reasonable pace.

But, Ma Beck, thanks for your interest, and come back for the photos of the icons written by my hand.

(P.S. I was married at St. John Cantius, in 1992. It was the first Tridentine wedding there in something like 40 years. That was before my husband, children and I became Eastern Rite Catholic. It's a long story, but I have to say, I have FOND memories of SJC and Fr. Philips, who married us.)


Blogger Ma Beck said...

Well they are just amazing!

P.S. It's stupendous that yours was the first Tridentine wedding in so long - they are such a frequent occurence now! You really started a trend- the turnaround has been amazing.

June 23, 2006  

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