Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lord, give me the heart of a child... and the awesome courage to live it out...

Well, ladies and gents, I am so very busy around crazyacres I just don't have time to write anything original. I have managed to keep walking and doing my spiritual reading, and keep up my duties around here, but it is always a struggle for me to keep my priorities in order. When I have time to check your blogs, I usually don't have much time to comment, but I have been retreating to my icon corner to light candles and pray for all your intentions.

Instead of an original thought, I will again share the wisdom of Catherine Doherty. This comes from the December issue of Restoration, the newspaper from Madonna House. I have pulled out a few sentences about Celebration, as we prepare for the birth of Our Saviour. May you all have a blessed Advent, filled with grace and consolation.

"Celebration is the song of praise coming from the heart of a human being and going to the heart of God"

"Factually, to celebrate means to bring joy and gladness into every step of our lives. Once this new dimension of celebration opens before our eyes, life changes completely."

"Celebration is a return to childhood... It is simply the ability to wonder again."

"Celebration is the dance of faith that man dances throughout his whole life, from birth to death."

"Celebration is the expression of hope when man walks in darkness, seemingly without anything feeding that hope, except his dance of faith."

"Celebration is love that brings to earth the song of praise and the sound of dancing feet. It is a light, which hope sheds in total darkness."

Oh, dears, there is so much richness in Catherine's writings. To adequately cover it all would mean to write it all, verbatim. All I can do is let you know that these little gems came from Dearly Beloved, Vol. 3 pp. 66-70, available from Madonna House Publications.



Blogger Mimi said...

And, I feel your prayers. Hugs and love to you.

December 05, 2006  
Blogger Gabrielle said...

This is lovely; thank you. I can imagine Catherine with you in spirit in your icon corner as you pray.

December 08, 2006  

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