Saturday, March 10, 2007

Your husband sneaked into your blog

Hmmm, I am the husband, but I do not have a blog so I need to use (read steal in the middle of the night) the bloggers own "identity" to blog. My MPN wife asked for people to comment on for what they are thankful.

Well...I am unspeakable Thankful to you and God for YOU.

You have no idea, because I do not say it enough, or well enough, and when I try to come even close to expressing how thankful I am for you, it looks corny or like b.s.. It looks or sounds like I am a complete sycophant. It seems disingenuous, because I use big words to try to express the big feelings--but they just sound like arrogant ass-kissing. (can I say that on a blog?)
They are NOT ass-kissing, they are mere shadows of the unspeakable and undescribable "Yes" I have for you in my innermost parts.

God is so unbelievable gracious to let me be joined as one with you. We are one flesh, but we rancour with each other--we wrestle like Jacob with the angel--we sizzle like fire meeting water--blest fire meeting holy water--but we are one, even in the violence of our fallen nature, our frequent fearful "No"--we are still a great "Yes" from God to each other. For that I am thankful.

In the most understated and simplistic way I say:
I am grateful for you.
your dh (or whatever it is that bloggers call the "man")