Thursday, April 26, 2007

I am in the home stretch...

I am applying the gold leaf today, and other than that, I am finished with my newest icon. I will also be assisting the rest of the class finish their icons, which is akin to assisting a mother to bring a new life into the world. I expect to be exhilarated as well as exhausted this weekend. I do have a few pictures to post, but my computer hasn't been cooperative, and I don't have time to figure out why.

I have also been inspired to have a workshop of my own this summer. I have learned quite a bit from this experience, and feel like I could do this myself on a much smaller scale (by that I mean fewer students). So, if you are going to be in my area, and would like to learn, let's see what we could do!



Blogger ukok said...

HOW I wish I lived near to you....I would be first on the list to come to your workshop. I made some enquiries about Iconography workshops over here in England and there's practically nothing in my area or even beyond my area, really :-(

If it is God's will for me, it will be possible one day :-)

April 26, 2007  
Blogger Suzanne said...

Where are you, dear? I really don't know.

April 26, 2007  
Blogger Kitchen Madonna said...

Can't wait to see it!

April 27, 2007  

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