Friday, January 09, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

It is Friday again! This one habit, 7 Quick Takes Friday, is making my pregnancy fly by! Check Jen's place for more Quick Takes.


My eight year old daughter is going to her cousin's house tomorrow for an ice skating party. They are to wear pretty dresses and long coats and hats and ice skate, followed by hot cocoa and treats. I found a perfect dress and perfect ice skates at the thrift store last week. The dress is red velour with embroidered flowers, the skates are white, the leggings black. The hat and gloves are black and the coat is red. She is going to look delicious. She has dark brown hair, cut in a cute bob, and I just can't wait to see her all dressed for the party!


I had an eye exam yesterday, and choose some new glasses. My eyes actually haven't changed in 5 years, but my glasses are about ready to fall apart. The eye doctor has won the prize for the sweetest thing ever spoken to me while pregnant. While filling out the "Patient Information" sheet, I wrote down under "Medical Problems" Pregnant. I told him during the exam I didn't consider pregnancy a medical problem, but still thought it was relevant for him to know. He put his hand over his heart, and said, "No, it most certainly isn't a problem, it is the most beautiful thing in this world." Wow.


Mid-wife appointment yesterday. The test wasn't so bad, really, but I haven't gotten the results. One point of irony. I haven't gained any weight since my last visit (three weeks ago). I measured one cm. small. I got the "We have to make sure the baby is growing enough" talk, meanwhile I am taking the 3 hour glucose test, "to make sure the baby doesn't get too big." So what IS just the right size for a baby?


I bought some old "Little People" (the kind that I played with as a girl) at the thrift store yesterday. My youngest daughters think they are the coolest toys ever made. I already have the old Little People Western Town, House, Airport and Ferris Wheel. Now 5 Little People get the whole thing to themselves. I need more people, but they are difficult to find.


I bought a bunch of baby girl clothes at the thrift store this week. So. much. fun. A few items from each size up to 18 months. My 4 year old daughter had to try all the newborn clothes on her doll, and wants to practice so she can "change every diaper and get the new baby dressed every day!"


Because of my beloved thrift store, I am becoming somewhat of a pregnant clothes horse. I have found some lovely clothes, for under $5 an item. I love how I look right now, which is an unusual thing for me. I am basking in my belly. I did get asked if I was over 55 the other day, to see if I should get the senior discount, but I'll just take that as an indication of the youth of the check out girl, and no reflection on me what so ever. She could have been anywhere from 16 to 28, as far as I could tell.


I will repeat myself, and state that one of the oddest parts of my life right now is the internal heart contortions I have to do to live in harmony with my eldest child being away from home at the very same time I am nurturing my youngest child into the world one sugar-free day at a time. I just really can not wrap my brain around it, so I just accept it and learn to live with the feeling of my heart being tugged in opposite directions. Must be making my heart bigger, more flexible?


Blogger Mimi said...

Ooooh, sigh #1 is such a wonderful thing, I've never done that, but it is so Little Womenish, I hope she enjoys.

And, good news on the baby front! Eeek.

January 09, 2009  
Blogger Hope said...

My youngest son is taking sociology and anthropology at college this semester. He was telling me about radical feminism and how they believe pregnancy is unfair to women. He got really mad that anyone could believe that. I found myself getting all choked up when I told him that pregnancy is a privilege. I nearly miscarried him. I've never forgotten the ultrasound at 7.5 weeks that showed his beating heart and a hole in the placenta.

January 09, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your hubby's mom could relate to the whole being pregnant while the oldest is away at school since she was pregnant with #7 while your DH was at college. That just struck me while reading this post.

January 11, 2009  

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