Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fleeting thoughts, caught and trapped. Only a very few make it to this stage these days.

1. My 6 year old son's favorite toys right now are sticks (guns, swords, light sabers, etc.), empty pop cans (grenades) and empty paper cups (for building towers, playing shell games, and making stacking patterns). His birthday is coming up, and I just have no idea what could beat these items for playability. He is also terrific at sound effects.

2. Baby loves the bottle. I am pumping after each feeding, and she acts frustrated at the breast, and gets real excited when it is time for the bottle. She is finally gaining weight, which is good, but I wonder if she'll ever be a good nurser?

3. Our insurance company raised our rates after we added the baby, despite the fact that in the last few months, they have refused to pay for most our medical bills. Dealing with them is FRUSTRATING. Getting past due notices in the mail from the hospitals while we hash it out with the insurance company is making my stomach hurt.

4. I have been watching quite a bit of "A Baby Story" on TLC since Melanie has been born, since I am either nursing or pumping most the day. It is so sad to see how many new moms are subject to C-sections because they aren't allowed to let labor progress. There are more C-sections on that show than natural births it seems to me. Also, almost no one perseveres with breastfeeding, which I can sympathize with, but the lack of support for pregnant and newly delivered women is appalling!

5. I am liking the pumping and bottling more than I thought I would. I can make quick runs out to the store and know baby will not be screaming the entire time I am gone. I can pump the same amount of milk in 10 minutes that it takes Melanie an hour to nurse. Hopefully, I'll be able to go for some walks if the weather ever warms up.

and that's all. Baby must have know I was using both hands to type and will have none of it. She is calling, and I must go. Toodles!


Anonymous Jamie said...

Renee, I have been meaning to pass along two quick suggestions, just in case you hadn't tried them already: breast massage and breast compression. Breast massage (just a brief thing, not a big time investment) increases the volume and fat content of the milk available to baby during a feeding. Breast compression can increase the rate of milk flow while baby is nursing, which can be motivating for a baby with an inefficient suck and can also boost production.

I'm guessing these ideas will be familiar to you but I thought they might be worth a quick mention.

April 21, 2009  
Blogger ukok said...

I'm so glad baby is doing so well. I'm sorry about your sucky insurance company. I am having some financial frustrations at the moment too and they really wear a person down, don't they?

Hope you manage a lovely walk some time soon :-)

April 22, 2009  
Blogger Mimi said...

I totally agree with #4, this results in me yelling at the TV quite a bit (we don't get the station anymore, which is better for my blood pressure)

What isn't good for my blood pressure is insurance companies. Ugh. Prayers

April 22, 2009  
Blogger Mother Mayhem said...

I love dealing with the insurance company. Mhm.

Grow baby grow!:o)

April 23, 2009  
Blogger rita said...

most of my typing these days happens one handed!

love hearing about your successes~

April 24, 2009  

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