Monday, August 23, 2010

Daybook - Transitions

Outside my window ~ the lovely sounds of late summer, cicadas, crickets, but not too many birds. A delightful cool, soothing breeze blows gently in my window.

I am listening to ~ summer sounds, and the quiet rustle of the three oldest children getting ready for school.

I am wearing ~ gray yoga pants and a white t-shirt.

I am so grateful for ~ the quiet morning, time to pray Lauds, the cool breeze, the hot coffee and my new haircut. The day has started quite nicely.

I'm pondering ~ how to make the most of some time that has been freed up from most of my usual responsibilities. I want to enjoy, but not squander.

I am reading ~ Handle with Care, by Jodi Picoult. I have heard her name for a long time, and while at the library, I gave one of her books a try. So far, it is not outstanding, but not a waste of time, either.

I am thinking ~ about the sermon we had at church yesterday. Very beautiful and eloquent, and yet what pops into my mind is my Cliff Notes Version, "Be Excellent to each other".

I am creating ~ icons, still. My Samaritan Woman at the Well received the gold leaf this week. I actually have photos, but haven't loaded them yet to the computer. One thing I hope to do with my freed up time is to finish the halo rings and border lines and maybe even varnish it. Maybe I'll get it to church by next Sunday!

On my iPod ~ nothing for a while. Silence has been my balm lately.

Towards a real education ~ well, that one is tricky for me, as my oldest three are going to a "real" school now, and will probably get a bit less of a "real" education than I had hoped when they were little. But I am continuing to teach the younger kids, and hope that I'll get enough input with the older ones to have an effect towards the real. I think I will.

Towards rhythm and beauty ~ This week the choir rehearsals kick in to the schedule, so on top of the school, and the cross country, I figure in choir. Thankfully, I don't begin the younger kids school until after Labor Day. What is beautiful about this? I am trying to work in some walks for baby and me while we are waiting for various sibling to finish their activities. We'll see.

To Live the Liturgy ~ I received an iPhone for my birthday, and have set the alarm to go off, with bells even, at 6:30, noon, 3 pm and 9pm. I downloaded iBreviary and am now able to pray with the church whenever the bells ring and I am able. Love it!

I am hoping and praying ~ for my mom, as she recovers from hip replacement surgery. For my kids, that school goes well, for my husband, that he'll find peace in his work, for my friends, that we can spend time together as our lives progressively get busier, and for myself, that I can keep on trying.

In the garden ~ Lots o' weeds. Not much else. This weeks weather is looking to be glorious, so I am hoping to get in there, week, prune, and spruce up a bit for fall.

Around the house ~ new chore chart, new schedule, and responsibility shifting down to some younger kids. My job will be harder for a while, but I have great confidence that will some training and encouragement, our home will be running smoothly by October. Patience!~!

From the Kitchen ~ not much right now, but I plan to excavate some of my cabinets, clear out and re-purpose some space. Once things are tidier in the kitchen, I'll be able to use it better when I feel the fall coolness come, and compel me to cook!

One of my favorite things ~ my new Blue Willow cups and saucers, bought at the thrift store this week, for $1. Makes my coffee taste so much better.

Melanie this week ~ She and I get to spend lots of time alone together this week. I am truly looking forward to it. She is a climber, and mover, a never sit still sort, and is very, very quiet. She does lots of communicating, but seems to have very few words. I can't remember my others at 17 months, but she seems more active, and much more silent.

Picture Thought:

In my front window, I have a collection of glass birds. I really want to try to do a painting of this one. Look at how many shades of blue there are!!

Have a great day, everyone!!

(I used the headings for this day book from Elizabeth Foss, who always inspires me!!)


Blogger Mimi said...

Lauds! What a wonderful idea! It sounds so peaceful and lovely at your place right now.

Congratulations on the icons.

August 24, 2010  
Blogger Mother Mayhem said...

The bluebird of happiness! :o)

August 25, 2010  

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