Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Long Overdue Series of Posts on Home Educating My Children part 3

A Difficult Decision:

It was at that time we began to consider sending our oldest son to a Catholic boys boarding school half the country away. This was a school I had previously admired but thought, "No way am I sending my son away. NO WAY!" But that was when he was 12, and now he was 15 and it was obvious he was changing and not at all the same "little" boy. He was a young man, and was straining under the current system. I looked over all the choices around here and found them all wanting for one reason or another, and now looking back, fear was part of it for me. I was afraid of schools, especially high schools. Wouldn't that group ruin all I had worked for? No. Too risky.

Once I found out I was expecting baby number 8, that was the tipping point, and we took the plunge. We had pretty much been leaning that way anyway, but once I knew I would be spending the first quarter of school teaching from the couch, I knew my son needed someone else to teach him.

The dread I felt as I prepared to send him away was unlike anything else I had ever experienced as a mother, and I wished numerous times I had never home schooled at all. Why hadn't I just dealt with the local schools all along; then I wouldn't feel forced to send him to a school so far away in order to keep his education consistent. Again, I felt trapped by my decision made all those years ago.

(Coming up tomorrow, The Flip Side. See you then!)


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