Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes

I am trying to make this place more active, so I will use some scheduled posts to assist me. Fridays mean "7 Quick Takes", hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary. So here you go:

1. Today my 8 year old son asked me, "Mom, if the new baby is a boy, can we name him Goliath?". That actually caused me a little pain. *shiver*

2. My interest in coffee has returned. I missed it. Just having my morning cuppa' makes my life feel more normal. I think the first trimester upheaval, both physically and emotionally is partly because I feel as if I stepped into an alternate reality, and left my "normal" life behind. My real life -----> My pregnant life. By 14 weeks, I feel the two are a bit more integrated, and I am looking forward to this *New Normal* becoming settled. Until the baby is born, then there will be another *new normal*, but I'll worry about that later.

3. Wardrobe crisis: In my anti-hoarding attempts after Melanie was born, I rid myself of most of my maternity clothes. Now, I could use some, and as I look around, I see most clothing manufacturers do not make maternity clothes for an amply sized 44 year old. To add to the crisis, I am going on a business trip with my husband in a few weeks, to a warm sunny place (yay), but that means I need warm, sunny clothing that fits. And I'll be meeting lots of new people, and making lots of first impressions, and what, oh, what, am I going to wear. I don't really look "pregnant" yet, but I can't wear my regular clothing comfortably. I see shopping in my future, but I fear it will be the discouraging kind, not the fun kind. I'll keep you all posted.

4. I have been very faithful about taking my vitamins during this pregnancy, and have found my craving for fruits and vegetables has really increased. I have been devouring salads with lettuce, avocado, cucumbers and dried cherries. Fresh, lightly steamed broccoli tastes like ambrosia. Pears and oranges and apples are like candy. Weird.

5. As promised, here is the photo of my latest icon, The Samaritan Woman at the Well

6. I have been blessed with God's providence by finding someone to help me with schooling my 12 year old son. Everyday, my son gets 3 hours of one on one instruction and encouragement. He is responding quite well, and is stretching his abilities and enjoying working with his tutor. This has freed up my time for house duties and school with the other children, as well as posting a bit more here. What a gift!

7. Finally, the weather has been very, very wintery, and kept me inside quite a bit lately. This weekend it supposed to warm up substantially, and I am looking forward to taking a nice, long walk. I am asking for actual prayers that I carry through on this desire, because I feel that exercise and fresh air are missing from my life, but I often give up on my desire to partake. Please pray that I have the internal strength to make myself go outside and enjoy the great outdoor. Thank you!

So there you have it! May your day be blessed!


Blogger Kate said...

I think I'm a month or so behind you on the maternity train. Have you tried bella bands yet? I got some imitation ones cheap from an Ebay seller (great experience, email me if you want her seller ID) and I love them!! They cover the elastic-band-in-the-buttonhole I'm using to keep my regular pants up, and they hold up my still-too-loose maternity pants. They cover my belly completely which prevents uncomfortable drafts under my shirts, and it just looks like a layered shirt peeking out underneath.

February 11, 2011  
Blogger Renee said...

Congratulations Kate! I am so happy for you! And yes, I have two Bella bands and completely forgot about them. Thanks!!

February 11, 2011  
Blogger priest's wife said...

what a beautiful icon- we hope to have an icon writer give a workshop here- my big girls have been interested in writing icons- so far, only with Water colors

February 13, 2011  
Blogger Mother Mayhem said...

Warm and sunny makes me think of mumus. :o)

February 16, 2011  

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