Friday, February 04, 2011

Thank you.

What a nice little flurry of activity over here! Thanks to Elizabeth, Suzanne and Kelly for linking to me, and everyone who stopped by, and particularly who left me words of encouragement. I can't tell you how much I needed that! For some reason I was feeling very alone (don't know why because I have lots of friends and family and what not, but there it is). Maybe it was just the combination of hormones and fatigue, but both because of the very welcome support, and I trust, the entrance into week 13, I am feeling quite a bit better.

I found out my Vitamin D level is super, super low (single digits!), and for a month or so have been supplementing aggressively (at the advice of my midwife). I may be crazy, but I am beginning to feel a lifting of the oppressive, heavy lethargy from which I have been suffering for some time (longer than this pregnancy, for what it is worth). I don't know if they are related, but I am feeling significantly more light-hearted, if you will, like I have been playing out in the sun for a while. I even went outside in the post-blizzard beauty and took Melanie for a sled ride around our street. She very much liked being outside, it was sunny and cold, refreshing really. I hope to do it again today.

The kids spent many hours outside yesterday making a snow fort in the huge pile of snow left by the plow. After a quick math lesson and some oral dictation, they will be at it again, making tunnels and new rooms. I plan on doing laundry some more, and tidying up, enjoying the sunshine streaming through my windows and generally taking pleasure in the fact that my life is so full.

Thank you again, everyone, and I hope to have more to offer soon.


Blogger Hope said...

Vitamin D one winter made the difference between going on medication for depression and not. I also now have a lightbox. They both have made a huge difference to my mood.

I'm not always commenting but I am always reading. I love that homeschooling means they can go out and play in the snow. My kids loved that, too. My oldest son was out here a few weekends ago with his wife and they spent an afternoon playing in the snow. He said it brought back good memories.

February 04, 2011  

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