Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I Love About Today

1. Listening to my baby sing in her crib. She loves to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".

2. My hot cup of coffee with a chocolate truffle. A Valentine for myself

3. The snow is melting and it is warm enough for a stroll today.

4. My eldest finally got his driver's license this weekend, and today, drove his sisters and himself to school. Yipee!

5. I've got these Chocolove bars tucked away for each of my family members for Valentine treat after dinner. And one for myself ;)

6. I put up a pregnancy ticker on the blog over the weekend. For what that is worth.

7. We get the morning off of school with the other kids because of an orthodontist appointment. I love legitimate mornings off school!

8. I love this crazyacres classic post I used to always put up on St. Valentine's Day. Here it is, and may your day be blessed!

"Little Skunk," said Cat, "I have a kiss for Little Bear. It is from his grandmother. Take it to him like a good little skunk."

Little Skunk was glad to do that. But then he saw another little skunk.

She was very pretty. He gave the kiss to her.

And she gave it back.

And he gave it back.

And then Hen came along. "Too much kissing," she said.
"But this is Little Bear's kiss, from his grandmother," said Little Skunk.
"Indeed!" said Hen. "Who has it now."
Little Skunk had it. Hen got it back. She ran to Little Bear, and she gave him the kiss.

The skunks decided to get married. They had a lovely wedding. Everyone came.

(From "A Kiss for Little Bear" by Else Holmelund Minarik)


Anonymous aileen said...

So excited for you that you have an additional driver! And those Chocolove bars look delicious!

February 15, 2011  
Blogger Mimi said...

Congratulations on the new driver!
That's my favorite Little Bear book, and my favorite line, "too much kissing"
Happy Valentine's Day!

February 15, 2011  
Blogger Mother Mayhem said...

You know how I feel about Little Bear. :o)

February 16, 2011  
Blogger priest's wife said...


February 17, 2011  

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