Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 Facts about Me and my Better Half

Seen at Melanie's Place. Sounds like fun:

1. We met on a a blind date set up by his ex-girlfriend.

2. We spent the first week before the blind date speaking on the phone daily, and I loved the sound of his voice. And that we had so much to talk about right away. And that he made me, Sober Suzie, laugh every 5 minutes or so.

3. We got engaged 6 weeks after we had our first date.

4. We played chess after dinner on our first date. He beat me in like, 6 moves. We have never played again.

6. The only game we can play peacefully (we are both very competitive) is cribbage. We played on our honeymoon, we still enjoy playing almost 19 years later, and the competitive edge doesn't rear its ugly head for some reason.

7. We are both first born children, and have spent much of our marriage "negotiating". We are definitely better at it than we were, praise God.

8. Our first born was our honeymoon souvenir. While in Hawaii, we flew over the Valley of Fertility. We should hit up that helicopter pilot for some college fund contributions right about now.

9. My husband is an entrepreneur specializing in risk management. I am highly risk adverse. We should write a book.

10. The man is positively brilliant. But he would forget to eat if is wasn't for me, so we make a terrific team.


Blogger owenswain said...

That's so cool. All of it.

March 31, 2011  
Blogger Mimi said...

Love, love, love it!
There's some similarities to us - Dh and I are evenly matched at Cribbage and Scrabble, so those are the games we play together most often.
We went bowling on our first date. I got a 36.

Great photo, you are wonderful!

March 31, 2011  
Blogger JoAnna Wahlund said...

haha, my husband and I nearly broke our engagement over a game of Monopoly. :P He used to be a horribly sore loser, but he's gotten better.

March 31, 2011  
Anonymous Jeanne G. said...

My husband and I love to play cribbage too, but he's much more competitive than I am. He's also much better at it than I am, but I manage to beat him about a third of the time.

April 01, 2011  
Anonymous aileen said...

This was so cute! Loved reading it!

April 01, 2011  
Blogger priest's wife said...

hmmmm cribbage...maybe we will expand our game choices (right now- he is great at chess and I'm great at Scrabble- so we don't play those games together!)

April 08, 2011  

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