Thursday, March 24, 2005

Holy Week, part II

Well, this virus is working us over, one person at a time. Two apparently have mostly recovered, two are on a see-saw of relapse, and two are having persistant coughs and bloody noses. The baby seems to be poised on the edge of the symptoms, and has stayed that way all week. Her fever is gone, so I can only hope the antibodies she gets from nursing will stave it off. Dh is able to be up about half the day, but then the fever returns, and he is back in bed. So far I have had no illness, just sleep deprivation, as there is a never ending stream of children in need of me all night. The baby and the two year old are up and down, the others are dealing will bloody noses and stuffed noses. I just had to send everyone to bed about 7:00 tonight, because I couldn't bear the sound of the constant coughing going on. I wanted to scream, and since that would have been utterly evil of me, off to bed they went. Supposedly this is going around, and we should be well by Sunday. We canceled the family party and rescheduled in two weeks, and this has relieved my mind quite a bit.

Enough about us. I saw the Passion Recut this afternoon with a friend of mine. I had seen it last year, and seeing it again was a different experience. Last year I was pregnant, and tended to see my fear and dread of birth, and my upcoming sufferings all over the movie. I was consoled, inspired, and uplifted, and although the movie was horrific, it was beautiful.

This year, I saw Terri Schiavo all over the film. The outrage of a few, overshouted by the crowd. The absolute blood lust. Veronica trying to bring Jesus water, and it being knocked out of her hand by the authorities. I didn't leave as uplifted or consoled, but did get a view of the "big picture". He came to make all things new, and despite the apparent triumph of evil in our country, He conquered death, and our Warrior-King-Savior is the Victor. Ultimately this will all be made right, and the contradiction of the cross, suffering, and apparent victimization will be transformed into VICTORY. Meanwhile, I am so sad, helpless feeling, and can not fathom what will be ushered into our country from this travesty. This truly is a valley of tears. I am looking forward to the Resurrection!


Blogger ~pen~ said...

oh, renee, i am right alongside of you, eagerly anticipating Easter. it's been a long, difficult Lent for me, and i think for a lot of us.

i understand how you feel about the constant coughing and being pulled in 8 different directions with everyone, including hubby, being ill. you need sleep, and you need it NOW!! i am no good when i am sleep deprived and as i doubt i live close enough to help you (which i would be over in a heartbeat), i can at least pray for you and yours.

peace be with you, all.

March 25, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work

December 22, 2006  

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