Monday, March 21, 2005

The Long Holy Week

Ohh, this is gonna be quite a week. One of our kiddos (2 yods) has been sick for a few days, and every time he improves, he backslides. 101 degree fever, cough, general low feeling. Now the other 6 kids all have what I am guessing is the flu. Dh has it too. This is a first for us - all 7 kids sick at the same time. I am trying mostly to make sure they all stay hydrated, and with the two year old, it is the hardest. He just is miserable and doesn't want to drink more than a few swallows. So, I have been giving him LOTS of sips, even spoonfeeding him water. Now the baby is feverish, and she isn't even nursing very well. Fortunatly, she loves her bottle with water in it, and since she is also teething (front top teeth) she likes chewing on the nipple (better than chewing on mine =) ). I am afraid our Easter may be in jeopardy, since we usually have a big family party. I don't see that happening if this bug lasts very long.

The kids old enough are offering their sufferings for Terri Schiavo, and I am offering my concern for their well being for Mr. and Mrs. Schiavo.

Right now our favorite things in the world are ibuprofin and cough syrup. May have to take the 2 year old to the dr. soon, especially if his cough doesn't improve. Prayers would be most appreciated! I have just gotten over this bug, and it lasted over 2 weeks. I see many sleepless nights ahead, and standing in the kids rooms, watching them sleep. I don't sleep well when I am concerned. I also don't feel as if I am making much sense, so will sign off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will keep you and your family in our prayers tonight Renee.
I didn't realize you had 7 children! God bless(ed) you!
Chin up.

March 22, 2005  

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