Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Oh, my

So, I have been holding down the fort here while dh is out of contact in Canada, fishing. I have been alternately loving and hating it. Some reflections:

1)Please tell me it isn't just my children that keep asking for things, until the answer is no. I have tried to be cheerful, make this a vacation for us all, but everytime I give them a yes, they just ask for something else. So, it's back to mean mom at the end game every time.

2) Please explain to me why I get so much done when dh is out of town. I tackled things that he usually does with vigor, and did my jobs, and was energized, and had a great day. When he is here, I feel less capable, and therefore, less powerful. Does he steal it, or do I give it away?

3) This has been as much a vacation for me as it has for him. I get to do what ever I want after the kids go to bed. Eat, read, watch stupid T.V. I am very self consious of how I spend my time when he is here for some reason.

4) The amount of time a helium balloon lasts is inversly proportionate to the affection the child has for it.

5) I would not need to figure out how to work exercise into my day if I did all the yard work. I am as stiff and sore after working outside all day yesterday as I was after starting step aerobics 6 years ago.

6) Anyone ever see "Fried Green Tomatoes"? Tawanda!!!!! That was me, and instead of a sledgehammer, it was a weed wacker, and instead of a wall, it was the over grown weeds my dh overlooks when he does the yard. These weeds have mocked me ever day that I have lived here, except when they were covered with snow, and even then, I knew they were there, just waiting to torment me come spring. Why it took me so long to just go the the barn, figure out how to use the flippin' machine myself, and whack them to the ground, I don't know. I know they will grow back, and I will relish chopping them down just as much the second time.

7)The weather couldn't possibly be any better than it has been this week. The kids were outside, playing badminton, then running through sprinklers, then riding bikes, then swinging. I was on the patio, potting my new flowers, and mulching the garden. It was truly picturesque.

8) School has been temporarily delayed, as the weather has been too nice. We'll finish the last week's worth as soon as it rains, gets too hot, or as soon as dh gets back, which ever is first.

9) I am making progress on "A Cry of Stone", with all these free evenings on my hands. Loving it!

and finally,

10) I meant to scrub the kitchen floor last night, but didn't. I think the sticky floor devil was out to dinner at the time, though, and thought I had, because today, juice spill, watermelon drop, and milk spill. That usually only happens after the floor has been cleaned, so PPHHHTTTT to the sticky floor demon. It was already dirty. HA!!


Blogger Adinah said...

always start with no....then you can cave.....husbands masterfully manipulate your time and attention, they are like kids, only bigger.......actually some are worse than kids....pig out and enjoy your time an a free woman.......make sure the only "Tawanda" activity you are engaging in the the thrashing.....I've seen that movie a zillion times....remember what they do to misbehaving menfolk in there too.......they just put 'em in the BBQ!!......all you are missing is a snow cone machine....something else sticky for the floor....that floor devil must visit here too. I blame the dogs, but it is really me...but that's my own secret....explains the fact why I sweep the floor three times a day....certainly not for lack of antyhing better to do.
Sounds like you're having a blast! I yanked my weeds this weekend too......had to wait for the black eyed susans to show themselves so I didn't yank those by mistake. there is something cathartic about weed pulling.....
happy sunny days to you and your gang! time for some watermelon at this end of the pike!

May 31, 2005  
Blogger not said...

again, you my heroine par excellance...
i especially loved the insight of #4
: )

looking forward to seeing you all when i get back, had a good meeting with mr. shaney...

June 03, 2005  

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