Thursday, July 21, 2005

Interview with Daisy Sandybanks

Daisy is my 10 year old daughter. She is the oldest girl in the family.

1. Which do you prefer: American Girl, or Barbie. Why?

American Girl, mmmhmmm. Because Barbies are ugly and because they aren't nearly as much fun to play with. American Girl clothes are more modest, plus they have more stuff that I like. My American Girl doll's name is Rebecca Johanna.

2. If there was one thing in the entire world you could have all to yourself and all by yourself, what would it be?

The entire American Girl website contents. Lots of money, a pet monkey, and a dog, a cat and a rabbit.

3. When you are a grown-up, where would you like to go on a ladies' getaway with your mom & sisters? And why do you think that would be a fun place to go?

Staying in a cabin in Colorado sounds fun because it's out in the wilderness.

4. What is the neatest thing about your mother that you hope you are like when you are a mom?

That she can tolerate mess more that other people I know, and alot more than me. That is a good thing because she doesn't scream at us for leaving a few things on the floor like I do to my sisters.

5. What is the favorite part of your day?

Probably the morning because I'm up early and watering flowers when it's so pretty.

6. What is your favorite color?

I like lots of colors. I have 5 favorites. Blue, green, orange, red, and yellow.

7. What is your favorite thing to play with?

My American Girl doll and my cute little baby sister, Primula.

8. Who is your favorite made up person?

Legolas and Gimli (LOTR), Will Turner, and Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean).
Melody from the Baily School Kids.

9. What is your favorite food?

Macaroni and cheese (the fake cheese kind, like Kraft) and a dish my mom makes with spinach, garbanzo beans on pita.

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Probably in some weird apartment with some weird smelling cat. Doing homework or something *giggle giggle*

Also note: Favorite CD Enya Paint the Sky with Stars. I like to sing and I like to draw. When asked which part of her body she like the most, she answered, "My brain"
I love the movie, "Nightmare Before Christmas" and the song, "This is Halloween".


Blogger rita said...

I think your mom should share the recipe for the spinach, garbanzo beans on pita...sounds good!
I like that Enya CD as well!

July 21, 2005  
Blogger Kate said...

I never thought of tolerating mess as a great parenting trait...I find that thought encouraging!

July 21, 2005  
Blogger Renee said...

I was ready for some warm fuzzies from her about what she liked about my mommying. The 'tolerates a mess' comment completely threw me, and I am still not sure how to take it. Funny thing, she hit me at the most tender spot. I have always wanted to be neater.

July 21, 2005  
Blogger Adinah said...

she's quite insightful.....I too would yell about the floor.....funny how they notice things like that so young....I thought it was nice she brought it up, it means she's aware, lots of kids aren't. Your family so cohesive and a testimony to your parenting! I like Nightmare before Christmas too....why do I have all these things in common with your children I ask you!!??
You did a greta job Rene and I just treasure these posts.

July 22, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like a girl who likes both fake mac and cheese and a healthy thing her mama makes. And it's nice to hear from another morning person.

August 03, 2005  

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