Thursday, October 26, 2006

Catherine Doherty

I have recently begun to learn about Madonna House and it's founder, Catherine Doherty. I have been trying to digest her writings, and feel so drawn to them. I feel like a thirsty person who is getting closer to the water, but still have a while to go til I get there.

I will be posting a little about her, or her prayers, or writings from Madonna house as I work throught this material. Here is one of her prayers, one that really pierced my heart today.

"Jesus Beloved, let me see! I am blind to my faults, blind to my sins, blind to the fact that I antagonize all people except those who themselves are saints and put up with me as a cross! I love you. Alone I can do nothing. Let me strive under your guidance to get rid of my imperfections, no matter the cost. I am lonely because I deserve it. O Jesus, when I catch a glimpse of myself, I weep in horror at the picture. Help me, Beloved, to realize that you are all, I, nothing! Then will my pride be broken and in humility, I will begin. Break my pride. Break it, O Jesus, even if it kills me. For with it I cannot have you and I want you above all.
-April 7, 1935

Then, here is a description of Catherine's book, "In the Footprints of Loneliness" ~~
"Lonliness is a part of the journey of faith. When loneliness comes upon you, you want to go and hide in some corner - self pity carries you like a big, huge wave on a beach all full of stones. You see that beach in your mind and you think you are going to be broken up on the rocks... but in the depth of every heart there is a garden enclosed.

This garden is Gethsemane, and the enclosure is a meeting place for the Beloved, God. If you enter into this garden, you will hear the incredible sounds that Jesus heard; the heartbeats of God. God put loneliness in your heart so that you would hunger for him, and learn that unity with him brings unity with all."

I think I am particularly drawn to Catherine because she seems to me a bridge between East and West. She was a Russion Orthodox, then later a Catholic. She didn't reject East for West, she folded them together. Her approach seems whole, loving, and restorative. Again, these are impressions I have gotten so far, as I am just diving in. If this interests you, keep your eyes open for the blue door.

I'll be using the blue door photo for all my Madonna House reflections, as The Madonna House in Ontario has a blue door.

Many blessings to you all for a grace-filled day!


Blogger Rosemary Bogdan said...

Nice, thought-provoking post.

October 26, 2006  

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