Monday, November 17, 2008

Well, that's a first for me... (but probably not the last)

This weekend, I was out and about with one of my sister-in-laws, browsing antique stores and such. We found a few little treasures, and as I was paying for my new pedestal milk glass cake plate ($15, score!), I came across some of my ultrasound pictures. I was showing them to my sister-in-law, and the lady ringing up my purchases said, "OH, is that an ultrasound of your grand-baby?"

I said, "NO, it's my baby."

I thought, "So what, you think I am old and fat?"

What would YOU have said?


Blogger Michelle said...



I probably would have said the same thing. I'm sure she felt awful enough.

November 18, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at my nephew's baptism in March and a lady asked me if I was his grandmother. My brother (his dad) is nine years younger than me, but surely I don't look old enough to be his mom!

November 18, 2008  
Blogger Rosemary said...

Always so awkward. But she was probably mortified to have said that. I think I would have responded just as you did.
Left you something on my blog today. (Sorry if you've already received it. Haven't been around much lately.)

November 18, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just as in the courtroom, there are things a lawyer should not ask the witness unless he's sure of the answer, there are certain things you should never ask a woman, unless you are sure of the answer. "Is that your grandchild" is one such question, along with "When is the baby due?" unless you are darn sure she's pregnant! Anyway, you look young and beautiful - maybe she needs glasses!


November 18, 2008  
Blogger Unknown said...

yikes! i probably would have said the same thing in your situation and then when i got to the car thought, "i should have added, 'i think all of my babies are grand!'"
i can never think of witty comebacks until way after the fact!

this instance reminds me of the time Gretchen came w/me to the Motherhood store when i was pregnant w/Danny, and a woman there asked her how far along she was when she wasn't pregnant! she of course handled it very good-naturedly. :)

November 18, 2008  
Blogger Unknown said...

Yes, my baby is grand! LOL

November 18, 2008  
Blogger Kitchen Madonna said...

Sweetie-dahling! I'd say something like, "Yes, my ovaries are in excellent working order!" Or some such Culture of Life comeback. Believe me, ovaries in excellent working order are ab-fab! Simply ab-fab dahling!

November 18, 2008  
Blogger Elena LaVictoire said...

On the other hand, I had a lady come up to me a few weeks ago after reading something in my archives from four years ago, thinking it was current, and congratulating me on my new pregnancy! She even patted my tummy - which does NOT have a baby in it. I guess it's just best to be gracious- folks mean well and goodness knows I've stepped in it enough times myself!

November 19, 2008  
Blogger Renee said...

Honestly, I got a kick out of the comment. I wasn't mad at all, just made me realize I don't necessarily look as young as I feel.

November 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was doing some voluntary work for an hour or two in a classroom recently when one of the kids said to me 'Miss, are you going to have a baby soon?'.

I am fat and the weight is mostly carried on my tummy so yes i probably do have look pregnant but i wanted the ground to open up so i could jump in to it.

The images i've seen of you wouldn't lead me (or many others) to think that you would be the grandparent of the baby. I hope she keeps her mouth closed the next time she thinks of saying anything like that to anyone.

November 20, 2008  
Blogger Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

Don't be offended! I am a grandma-to-be who is young enough to have another baby. I was out today with my daughter (22) and youngest son (6) and I realized people might think I'm his grandma. That's a few months I will be a grandma, and I know people will be surprised at that.
It's in our culture to comment on children, pregnancies and parenting. (Often inappropriately!) It's our job as children-welcoming Moms and Grandmas to smile and let people now how happy we are to be welcoming these little ones!

November 24, 2008  

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